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Which Generation Reads the Most?

COVID-19 Has Us Examining Our Reading Habits
Reading books is a fundamental part of daily life for many people. 
But have you ever wondered how reading habits differ across age groups? Are younger generations reading as much as older generations? 
Best By The Numbers set out to answer these questions. Using data from multiple publicly available studies and surveys, they created a fantastic infographic which compares the reading habits of the five generations: Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation. 
Let’s walk through some of the most interesting findings:
Millennials are the most voracious readers, with 80% of Millennials having read a book in the last 12 months. They are also the biggest library-goers of the five generations.
Despite the onslaught of new technologies, all generations still prefer reading physical books to digital ones. 
The coronavirus has left many people with more free time on their hands, which has led to all generations reading more than before. And Gen Z has actually increased their reading the most. 
And something a little fun? While all French readers have a penchant for sexy books, French Baby Boomers read more of them than their Millennial counterparts. (See the top ten sexy French books HERE.)
As this infographic shows, reading is still a popular pastime across all age groups. Although our reading habits have changed over the years, and the effects of COVID-19 are still unfolding, the publishing industry still has a lot going for it.
Check out the infographic below for more insights into the reading habits of the five generations. See the infographic online HERE.