Independent Publishers Caucus Announces Inaugural Indie Press Month Display Contest Winner

This House of Books in Billings MT is the Winner
The Independent Publisher's Caucus (IPC) has announced a winner and runner-up for the inaugural Indie Press Month Display Contest. The winner, This House of Books in Billings, MT, was awarded a first-place cash prize of $400 for their enchanting book garden display. This House of Books was chosen as this year's winner for their creativity and commitment to showcasing the most featured titles from IPC member presses through their "independent press garden," with the catchphrase, "We planted ideas and up came our independent press garden." 
IPC reached out to Julie Schultz, treasurer of This House of Books, who expressed gratitude upon receiving the award: "As a small, co-op bookstore, we feel it is part of our mission to support a well-functioning literary ecosystem, and independent presses, with their incredible attention to curation, are a crucial part of that. Without independent press titles on our shelves, we would not be able to offer the unique, varied, and (we hope) sometimes-surprising book recommendations that differentiate us from the other places people encounter books."