BTWOF Celebrates the Launch of More Books for Women with Free Trial Subscriptions

Books To Watch Out For (BTWOF) has teamed up with Women & Children First, Chicago’s world-class feminist bookstore, to launch its third specialty subscription-based book review newsletter, More Books for Women.

BTWOF is celebrating the launch of More Books for Women by offering free trial subscriptions to all three publications, now through June 2006, at

More Books for Women, for “the inner feminist in us all,” focuses on books with “a bent toward strong women characters, full gender and racial equality, and progressive politics and social change that smash sex-role stereotypes (for both children and adults),” states publisher Carol Seajay.

The Lesbian Edition, compiled by former Feminist Bookstore News publisher Carol Seajay, and The Gay Men’s Edition, compiled by Richard Labonte, former manager of A Different Light bookstores, focus on books of interest to lesbian and gay readers.

Each issue of the three reviews features short reviews of 25-30 books, including fiction that ranges from the literary to sheer escapism, as well as non-fiction that covers a range of issues, from social justice, biography, art, history, and more.

Reviews are short enough to scan on a lunch break, but detailed enough to decide if a book fits the reader’s interests. Copies can be delivered via email or in print.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Women & Children First to publish More Books for Women,” affirms Seajay, former publisher of Feminist Bookstore News. “These women spend all day, every day, finding the best books for women and making them easy to get. Their reading interests cover the waterfront – from edgy punk fiction to literary fiction, from politics and biography to world-changing books for kids and teens.” Mystery fans will revel in the recommendations of long-time connoisseur Nan Cinnater. Each issue features gems from both independent and corporate presses.

“Our goal with these publications,” Seajay elaborates, “is make it easy for readers with special interests to find the books they want to read. In this era of mass-marketing, when readers have to travel farther and farther to find feminist, gay, and other independent bookstores, More Books for Women, The Lesbian Edition, and The Gay Men’s Edition offer a simple way to learn about and enjoy the most interesting new titles. Full human rights include unrestricted access to excellent reading.”

Readers can subscribe to the print and email versions of the three editions of Books To Watch Out For online at, or by post to BTWOF, PO Box 882554, San Francisco CA 94188-2554. Subscriptions delivered via email are $30/10 issues; print versions are $42/10 issues, with additional discounts for combination packs.

Readers can check out recent issues online at