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8th Annual Living Now Book Contest Draws to a Close

Vol. 34 - Issue 7

Audio Publishing Conference Held in Conjunction with BEA in Washington, D.C.

Vol. 24 - Issue 4

Inspired Writing and Publishing

Vol. 24 - Issue 3

Rose Rosetree taps into Higher Power to create Inspirational Bestsellers

So, You Want To Be A Hot Media Guest?

Vol. 20 - Issue 3

Here's What It Takes...Spotlight on Laurel Howanitz's HOT GUEST PR

Versaware, Lightning Source Alter eBook Landscape With Groundbreaking Digital Alliance

Vol. 18 - Issue 8

Two eContent Leaders Will Exchange Services to Meet Growing Demand.

"Don't Sever a High-Tech Lifeline for Musicians"

Vol. 21 - Issue 2

Janis Ian speaks out for file-sharing in L.A. Times

"Fascination Comics" Builds On Last Year's Success at Frankfurt Book Fair

Vol. 19 - Issue 9

Well-known guests such as Art Spiegelman and Moebius, diversity of contents from authors' comics to mangas, exhibitions, autographing sessions and debates provide an overview of this popular market.

"I Love My Independent Bookstore Because..." Contest Announced

Vol. 18 - Issue 1

Peanut Butter and Jelly Press of Newton, MA has announced the first ever "Independent Bookstore Contest," and is offering a monthly prize (a $50 bookstore gift certificate) for the best answer to the ...

"We, The Screenwriter" now shooting...

Vol. 19 - Issue 10

Documentary features 20 of today’s leading feature-length and episodic television entertainment writers.

10 Things I Hate About the Holidays

Vol. 27 - Issue 10

It Helps to Have a Sense of Humor...

10 Things to Remember When Writing a Series

Vol. 35 - Issue 2

Tips on Writing from an IPPY-Winning Author

10 Things You Should Do in 2016

Vol. 33 - Issue 12

The New Year’s Resolutions Every Writer Should Have

10 Top Techniques for Perfecting Your Prose So You Can Write Like a Pro

Vol. 27 - Issue 1

10 Ways to Improve Your Writing Process

Vol. 34 - Issue 10

How a Debut Author Found Success

10 Ways to Rock NaNoWriMo

Vol. 34 - Issue 11

Get the Most Out of National Novel Writing Month

13 Authors Who Hit the Big Time (After They Died)

Vol. 35 - Issue 3

An Infographic

15 Ways to Support Authors

Vol. 34 - Issue 7

How to spread the word in the writing community

1997 Small Press / IPPY Book Awards Results

Vol. 32 - Issue 3

Announcing the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medalists

1998 Small Press / IPPY Book Awards Results

Vol. 32 - Issue 3

Independent Publishing Is an Intimate Act

1999 Independent Publisher Book Awards Results

Vol. 32 - Issue 3

IPPY Award Winners Exhibit Quality and Daring