Give Books Away, Even to the Sharks

Harvey Mackay sent free copies of his new book "Pushing the Envelope, All the Way to the Top" to each of the 3,800 members of the National Speakers Association. These opinion molders address millions of people annually.

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Book Publishing Tips of the Day

Daily words of wisdom from Dan Poynter and other publishing industry experts. (Search on "tip" in archives for complete list.) - Today's Tip from Poynter: "Give Books Away."

"Give Books Away."

Plant a book and grow much fruit.

Give free copies of your book to anyone who influences people such as book reviewers and opinion molders.

Review copies are the least expensive and most effective way to promote books. A book costs $1 or $2 to print, around a dollar to ship and maybe 30 cents for the shipping bag. Space advertising in a magazine may cost $1,500 or more. That ad would have to bring in a lot of orders to pay off-experience says it won't.

It costs far less to send books to reviewers and other opinion molders than to buy advertising space. When in doubt, ship it out.

"A book reviewer is usually a barker before the door of a publisher's circus." -Austin O'Malley

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Always double-check your spell check. Period.

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