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John Kremerís Marvelous Book Marketing Strategies

Git-er-Done NOW Book Marketing Tip #3 - Develop a free report and write a news release for it.
Welcome to Marvelous Book Marketing Strategies, a monthly column based on book marketing expert John Kremerís 24-Point Book Marketing Action List, a list John compiled specially for the participants in his Book Marketing Blast-Off seminars. The actions on the list range from writing press releases and networking, to contacting Oprah and getting to know your bankís president. The underlying value of the list may be that it encourages you Ė the independent author and/or publisher Ė to focus on ACTION. As an independent author, self-publisher, or owner of a small publishing house, it all depends on YOU and your ability to GET THE JOB DONE. Self-promotion, guerilla marketing, and effective networking strategies are all vital elements of getting the BUZZ for yourself and your books that lead to SALES.

Each month we list one of John Kremerís Marketing Action suggestions, and elaborate a bit on why itís important and how to make each action happen effectively and efficiently. Prepare to TAKE ACTION, IMPROVE YOUR MARKETING, and SELL MORE BOOKS!

Book Marketing Action Tip #3:Develop a free report and write a news release for it.

"Offering consumers free or low-cost reports is one of the most effective ways to generate on-going publicity for your books, even three or four years after publication date. I recommend promoting a different free report every two to four months, each of reports targeted at people who would want your book as well. I like to charge anywhere from $1.00 to $3.00 for a report -- as a way of making the reports pay for themselves while further qualifying the people who buy the reports as real prospects for my books. If you charge for the reports, you might include a coupon for the value of the report if people buy your book within."

Not only are such reports good marketing tools, they're just good business. It makes sense to leverage your expertise on a topic in as many ways as possible, and to fill as many sales price points as possible. It also makes great sense to keep on writing after the book project is finished: reports, articles, white papers, interviews, even letters to the editor, are all things to consider doing to keep your writing fresh and to keep your name out in front of people and keep your buzz sizzling.

In many cases, the reports can be excerpts from your book, or include excerpts, and should be fairly easy to write. But, do make sure they are very well-written and carefully edited; don't just dash a report off in a sloppy fashion. The shorter a piece of writing is, the more glaring the mistakes, so make it perfect.

Also, make sure the language is concise and to the point. It must convey information logically and precisely, and be easy to read and understand. Use bullet points, short paragraphs, graphs and illustrations - anything that makes your information user-friendly. The idea is to make them say, "A-ha, here's someone who know's what she's talking about. Where can I read more!?!"

Now, Tell the World about Your Report
Once your report is ready for primetime, tell the world with a press release. When well-written and presented, the press release can be a very effective form of advertising, but if it's sloppily written and won't GRAB the editor, don't bother. What do editors want from you? Three top "hooks" are: Tie-ins to national trends and news stories; free advice their readers care about; and compelling "people" stories readers will relate to.

Don't forget to include all the basics, make it concise, very user friendly, and, of course: perfectly edited.

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