Junebox.com becomes Internet portal to the education products market

Expands education market procurement capabilities via direct contact with textbook publishers
Junebox.com announced today it has signed an agreement with Internet software developer Ariba Inc. to be the platform engine for its K-12 education products market web portal. The Ariba platform network establishes junebox.com as the only web portal serving the education market and thereby making it possible for textbook buyers to electronically purchase directly from publishers.

"Junebox.com is electronic procurement at its best," said Dan Spalding, chairman and chief executive officer of School Specialty, Inc., the parent company of junebox.com. "Junebox.com and the Ariba e-commerce platform make it possible for buyers to streamline their purchasing, trim excess inventory and reduce business costs by 10 percent to 20 percent. School Specialty is the largest, most experienced school supply distributor in the United States. The company offers over 60,000 different products to more than 108,000 schools throughout the United States.

"Junebox.com is the only true web portal serving the K-12 education market," Spalding noted. "By capitalizing on School Specialty's depth of experience and partnering with Ariba, junebox.com is the most powerful new supply chain tool to hit the school market in years. No other e-commerce site focused on the educational market has the array of products, the expertise and the power to reach school systems in such unprecedented numbers."

"With junebox.com, School Specialty has the relationships, experience and capabilities to be the leader in business-to-business e-commerce in the education industry," Spalding said. "We have the largest customer base in the market and a thorough understanding of its buying patterns, product needs and inefficiencies in dealing with multiple procurement sources. All of this gives us a strong lead in placing junebox.com at the apex of this channel."