Chapters, Indigo and Coles Bookstores Opening Their Doors to Canadian iUniverse Authors

The Chapters, Indigo, Coles bookstore chains have teamed up with print-on-demand publisher iUniverse to offer self-published authors in Canada the chance to fulfill the dream of seeing their books displayed in a local Chapters, Indigo or Coles store. iUniverse states that, “Only titles published through the new iUniverse Premier Plus package that receive the new Publisher's Choice designation are eligible for this opportunity. Books that achieve Publisher's Choice status will be placed in a Chapters, Indigo or Coles store for at least 60 days—or longer if the book is selling!”

According to iUniverse, the Premier Plus program includes a professional Editorial Evaluation, a Design Evaluation, a Custom Cover Design, a Back Cover Copy Polish, interior layout, book production, marketing support tools, worldwide distribution, ten free paperback books, a non-exclusive contract, and an attractive royalty rate. The package sells for an introductory rate of $1149 CAD.

Here's how authors can qualify for Publisher's Choice and have their book featured in a local Chapters, Indigo or Coles store:

  • Publish your book professionally through the new iUniverse Premier Plus* package for a special introductory rate of $1,149 CAD**. This package offers all the support and services you need to professionally publish your book and make it available online from and other online retailers in as few as 90 days. Titles that meet key editorial and design standards will be awarded the Publisher's Choice designation.

  • When you earn Publisher's Choice, iUniverse will present your book and marketing plan to the appropriate Chapters, Indigo or Coles buyer. The buyer will review this information and determine the most suitable store for your book's placement, as well as the date when your book will be on sale.

  • Your book will appear in the high-traffic area at the front of a local Chapters, Indigo or Coles store for a minimum of 60 days.

  • The rest is up to you. If you and your book are successful at generating steady demand in the store, the store's buyer may continue stocking your book in that location and w