Promoting Your Book to Online Groups

by Julie Duffy Promoting your book online is possibly the most cost-effective way to spread the word, but how do you actually do it? In online groups, the modus operandi is to become part of the community; use your expertise to answer questions; develop friendships and build a reputation as someone with useful information to impart. Once you have established yourself people may be moved to buy the book you mention in the signature file of every message (you do have a signature file mentioning your book, on every message, donít you?) Technical Tips Many groups have policies posted online or post them to the group periodically. Read and obey.
  • When posting or replying to a post, ensure that the subject line is relevant and not something like Re: Email List Digest Jan 25. Having a proper subject line makes it easier for other people on the list to scan and read the messages they are interested in. If your subject line is blank or irrelevant, people may dismiss your post without reading it.
  • It is acceptable to include the text of the message you are replying to, so that people can follow the thread of the discussion. If you do this, however, cut out everything except the relevant parts of the original post. Cut the Ďhi thereí and the signature files and only leave enough to clue in a reader who didnít see the original post. If you do not do this, each post becomes increasingly long and complex and difficult to follow.
  • Have a signature file that advertises your book, and that goes under every message you send. Try to keep it to 4-6 lines. Include your name, the title, the ISBN or Ďavailable fromí information; and, if you have space, a ten-word description of the book. Do not otherwise promote your book unless it is extremely relevant to someoneís question.
  • Never respond to a Ďflameí (an inflammatory post insulting you or your opinions, or someone else). You will only inflame things further and spark a string of emails that interest no-one Ė plus you sound like you are making excuses. No matter how tempting, NEVER, EVER respond.
  • Donít attach anything to emails. These represent virus risks and most people will delete them, unread, if the list software doesnít delete it first.
  • But donít let all these rules and regulations scare you. Join a group, lurk for a while reading other peopleís posts and gauging the tenor of the group, and then plunge in. This is a great way to build a reputation and spread the word about your book.

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    From 21st Century Publishing: An Author's Introduction to Print On-Demand Book Publishing, by Julie Duffy

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    John Kremerís Marvelous Book Marketing Strategies

    Git-er-Done NOW Book Marketing Tip #4 - Write a free report.
    Welcome to Marvelous Book Marketing Strategies, a monthly column based on book marketing expert John Kremerís 24-Point Book Marketing Action List, a list John compiled specially for the participants in his Book Marketing Blast-Off seminars. The actions on the list range from writing press releases and networking, to contacting Oprah and getting to know your bankís president. The underlying value of the list may be that it encourages you Ė the independent author and/or publisher Ė to focus on ACTION. As an independent author, self-publisher, or owner of a small publishing house, it all depends on YOU and your ability to GET THE JOB DONE. Self-promotion, guerilla marketing, and effective networking strategies are all vital elements of getting the BUZZ for yourself and your books that lead to SALES.

    Each month we list one of John Kremerís Marketing Action suggestions, and elaborate a bit on why itís important and how to make each action happen effectively and efficiently. Prepare to TAKE ACTION, IMPROVE YOUR MARKETING, and SELL MORE BOOKS!

    Book Marketing Action Tip #4:
    Following up on last monthís tip about developing a free report and news release about it, this month itís time to ďWrite the free report.Ē

    ďWrite a 2-8 page report. In many cases you can excerpt the reports from your books. Keep them fairly simple, but make sure they contain useful, valuable information Ė because readers will be judging the value of your book by the value of the reports you offer them. A report featuring ten tips is a good option for such a report. In promoting 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, Iíve written several dozen reports over the year. Many of them I still sell, including such all-time favorites as 50 Creative Book Marketing Tips, Choosing a Book Distribution System, How to Get into Publishers Weekly, and How to Sell Books via Television. For a complete list, check my website

    Promoting your book is all about getting your name in front of people, and the best way for an author to do this is to write more stuff! Offering your free reports, articles, tip lists, etc. is a win-win deal that many publications and websites are eager to participate in, as long the content you offer is original and well-written.

    When submitting your report to other sites, be sure and 1) follow the siteís guidelines and format articles as requested; 2) edit your work VERY carefully; 3) come up with a killer headline; 4)keep your bio simple and six or less lines in length; 4) follow-up diligently and manage your submissions and article appearances.

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