Indiana University Press Partners with The Ohio State University to Publish Race/Ethnicity: Multidisciplinary Global Contexts

Indiana University Press (IUP) has partnered with The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity and the Office of Minority Affairs at The Ohio State University (OSU) to publish Race/Ethnicity: Multidisciplinary Global Contexts. Edited by john powell, Executive Director of the Kirwan Institute, and Mac Stewart, Vice Provost of the Office of Minority Affairs, Race/Ethnicity will be published semi-annually in print and electronic formats beginning in September 2007.

According to john powell, “Our world is an interconnected one. Whether we’re talking about urban sprawl, entrenched poverty, or globalization, the dynamics that push many racially defined groups to the margins of society threaten the well-being of those at the center as well. Race/Ethnicity will offer a critical intervention into contemporary thinking on race and ethnicity by recognizing and responding to these shared challenges. Through a truly multidisciplinary approach, a concern with race and ethnicity on the global scale, and a willingness simultaneously to engage theory, practice, and other forms of knowledge, the journal will offer new ways for scholars, activists, and practitioners to exchange vital information, perspectives, and insights with each other.”

Each issue of Race/Ethnicity will be topical and feature a reprint of a “classic” text, five original articles from different disciplinary specializations, and an editorial overview framing the theme. The classic piece will center the issue and also serve an archival function while the new articles will map the evolution of scholarly engagement with the theme. Volume 1, number 1 will focus on “Race and Coalition” (published in fall 2007); volume 1, number 2 will focus on “Transnational Migration, Race, and Citizenship” (published in spring 2008).

Janet Rabinowitch, Director of the Press, is enthusiastic about the journal. “Race/Ethnicity,” she says, “promises to be an outstanding journal that will make important contributions to our understanding of issues of critical importance to all of us. It is a privilege for IU Press to be its publisher.”

More information on Race/Ethnicity, including subscription prices and information on upcoming articles and contributors, will be available in the spring on INscribe (, the Press’s electronic publishing platform.