Making the Most of BookExpo 2000

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Daily words of wisdom from Tami DePalma and other publishing industry experts. Throughout the month of May we'll feature tips on taking full advantage of the BookExpo America trade show. Today's Tip from DePalma: "People Read the 'PS' First."


PS - Did you know that the PS is the first part of a letter most people read? Include a line as lavish as your lead to grab them and get them to read the rest of your letter.

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Making the Most of BookExpo America 2000 - Chicago, June 1-4

"Catch Up On Publishing Technology."

Digital technology is altering the way the book business is conducted as new companies developing everything from handheld e-books to providing e-publishing services via the Internet seek their own ground on this changing landscape. BookExpo will showcase the very latest in how the written word will be delivered to consumers at this year's annual exhibit. The convention itself will mirror the extraordinary change that has occurred in the book industry; an industry where a consumer or would-be writer can satisfy their individual needs simply by "logging on" or a U.S. publisher can sell the Malaysian rights to a new title in twenty-four hours without ever picking up the phone or sending a manuscript.

The new technology on display at BEA may be separated into three broad categories which include: digital intermediaries & service providers; software developers; and e-publishers. There will be an expanded education program to reflect each of these three categories, and the exhibit floor will be home to not just publishers but also to major technology companies in each of the categories, including Microsoft, Nuvomedia, eBay, Xlibris, and, among many others.

Highlights of the educational program that examine subject areas from the three technology categories embraced by BEA include: ePublishing Today: The Mainstreaming of Digital Distribution and Its Hierarchical Impact (Thursday, June 1, 10am - l1:30am), which addresses key issues of how the ePublishing business will be configured, who will dominate it, and what these changes mean for traditional publishing; Retailing eBooks and Books-on-Demand (Thursday, June 1, 12:30pm - 2pm), which examines the channels, outlets and readers consumers will choose now that so many titles are forever to be in-print; Digital Rights Management (Thursday, June 1, 1pm - 3pm), which explores how DRM solutions are key in allowing publishers to take full advantage of the true potential of e-Commerce; The Impact of Digital Printing on the Ecology of Publishing (Thursday, June 1, 2:30pm - 4pm), which looks at the way publishing, digital printing equipment, traditional book manufacturing, print-on-demand, and production and distribution interact; Libraries: In Search of a Digital Lending Model (Saturday, June 3, 8am - 9:30am), which explores how the DRM platform will affect the traditional model of a lending library.

For more information concerning BookExpo America, visit the BEA Web Site.