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Here are some excellent tips from radio interview specialist Annie Jennings: 1. Never do a show using a cell phone or a headset, both are unreliable! Always turn off your call waiting. Contact your local phone company for instructions on how to do this for an individual call. You can turn it back on again immediately after your interview. 2. Hosts rarely read your book and mostly stick to the questions they are provided, so don’t focus your energy on what the questions will be, focus on giving your best answer to the questions you have provided in your press release. 3. If you don’t understand a question asked, ask for clarification. Don’t assume you know what they are asking. 4. Prepare your talking points. Know the five key message points you would like to discuss in the interview. Write them down on index cards so you can prompt yourself. 5. You are the expert! Be confident, straightforward and prepared. Media training is a major plus as it gives you the opportunity to practice your materials and receive top quality, professional feedback. 6. Compliment the host when a good question is asked, “That is an excellent question” or “I’m glad you asked that question.” It also helps to draw in your audience. 7. Use the interviewer’s name in conversation. It creates a more intimate conversation that the audience feels privy to. And it makes the interviewer feel good too! 8. Don’t judge an interview by its length. Be prepared for ANY opportunity, they are all potential goldmines. 9. Sell yourself, not your book or product. If the audience likes you, they WILL buy what you’re selling. 10. Keep an eye on the clock. If your interview is for 10 minutes, start your wrap up at minute 8 such as mentioning where they can buy your book, your website and any other information you would like them to have. 11. Interview time goes very fast. Before you know it the interview is over. Media training is a major plus and will give you a tremendous advantage as you can learn the techniques and strategies to giving a great interview as well as promoting your interests during the interview. If you say “it’s in my book”, the interviewer will cut you short—very quickly.


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John Kremer’s Marvelous Book Marketing Strategies

Git-er-Done NOW Book Marketing Tip #10 - Schedule and do at least one radio interview
Welcome to Marvelous Book Marketing Strategies, a monthly column based on book marketing expert John Kremer’s 24-Point Book Marketing Action List, a list John compiled specially for the participants in his Book Marketing Blast-Off seminars. The actions on the list range from writing press releases and networking, to contacting Oprah and getting to know your bank’s president. The underlying value of the list may be that it encourages you – the independent author and/or publisher – to focus on ACTION. As an independent author, self-publisher, or owner of a small publishing house, it all depends on YOU and your ability to GET THE JOB DONE. Self-promotion, guerilla marketing, and effective networking strategies are all vital elements of getting the BUZZ for yourself and your books that lead to SALES.

Each month we list one of John Kremer’s Marketing Action suggestions, and elaborate a bit on why it’s important and how to make each action happen effectively and efficiently. Prepare to TAKE ACTION, IMPROVE YOUR MARKETING, and SELL MORE BOOKS!

Book Marketing Action Tip #10:
“Schedule and do at least one radio interview.”

"As an author, you need to get your feet wet doing interviews with the media. If you haven't yet done it, do it now. If you have done it before, start doing it more often. One of the keys to success for the Chicken Soup for the Soul series was the commitment Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen made to doing at least one media interview every day."

As an author, you're probably a media-savvy person already, but if not, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Listen to as much radio as you can and read as much print media as you can. Find the news stories that relate to your book and learn which radio shows and other media would be good forums for your book.

Radio producers are always on the lookout for hot topics and newsworthy tie-ins to those topics, so figure out how your book ties in to breaking stories. Do some heavy brainstorming and write down all the possible topics your book relates to, and follow the news closely to constantly expand your list.

According to radio P.R. expert Annie Jennings, great radio interviewers "can anticipate tomorrow’s news," and "have in-depth knowledge about their topics, but also understand how their knowledge relates to current events. They understand the social relevancy and how to apply their knowledge, experience and education to the topic under discussion."

Jennings suggests developing a "List of Questions You Would Like To Be Asked" and to develop questions that are hard-hitting and benefit-loaded for your listening audience. "Producers and hosts need questions that will intrigue your audience and glue them to their radio dials," says Jennings. "Make each question better than the one before. Producers don't want anyone switching stations! Avoid questions such as 'why did you write your book?'"

Bring your enthusiasm for your topic out in every interview you do, engage the audience with points and tips they can put to use right away, and you'll become an effective and sought-after radio interview guest!

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