Announcing 2008 Independent Publisher Book Awards Semi-Finalist Results

Judging Results in 64 National Categories, 20 Regional Categories, and Outstanding Book of the Year Categories
This year's contest attracted over 3,100 total entries; just over 2,500 entries in the national categories and just over 600 entries in the regional competition. Books came from 49 U.S. states (come on, North Dakota!), D.C., and U.S. Virgin Islands; 9 Canadian provinces (get with it, Northwest Territories!), and 16 countries around the world: Trinidad to Thailand, Croatia to Czech Republic, and France to Finland. As you can imagine, we are judging a large and wonderfully eclectic collection of books.

The quality of entries this year is totally amazing, and we're seeing better designed books, reading higher quality writing. and being exposed to a more widely diverse collection of concepts. We've been impressed with the in-depth research in our non-fiction and current events entries, important breakthroughs in our science and health entries, and breathtaking artwork and photography in our fine arts and coffee table book entries.

These are the eventual gold, silver and bronze medal winners whose designations will be announced on May 21-22. Congratulations to all!

2008 Independent Publisher Book Awards Semi-Finalist Results - National Categories

1. Fine Art
Albert Paley/Portals and Gates, by M. Jessica Rowe (Landauer Corporation); Amazing Grace: Self-Taught Artists From the Mullis Collection, edited by Paul Manoguerra (Georgia Museum of Art); Ken Ferguson: Talking with the Wheel, by Garth Clark, Peter vonZiegesar, Ted Rowland, John Petteault, and Ken Ferguson (Silver Gate, Inc.); And Grace Will Lead Me Home: Images of the Prodigal Son from the Jerry Evenrud Collection, by Robert M. Brusic (Lutheran University Press); Frederick Hart: The Complete Works, by Donald Kuspit and Frederick Turner (Butler Books); The Unknown Monet: Pastels and Drawings, by James A. Ganz and Richard Kendall (Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute/Yale)
2. Performing Arts
Return to the Caffe Cino, edited by Steve Susoyev and George Birimisa (Moving Finger Press); Mario Bava: All the Colors of the Dark, by Tim Lucas (Video Watchdog); Sounds Like Teen Spirit, by Timothy English (iUniverse, Inc.); Lennie Tristano: His Life in Music, by Eumni Shim (University of Michigan Press); Mind over Matter 4: The Images of Pink Floyd, by Storm Thorgerson and Peter Curzon (Omnibus Press); My Music, My Life, by Ravi Shankar (Mandala Publishing)
3. Photography
Searching for True North: by Geir Jordahl (Modern Book); Aquatique: Photographs by Brian Oglesbee (Insight Editions); Travels with Van Gogh and the Impressionists, by Lin Arison & Neil Folberg (Abbeville Press); How to Photograph an Atomic Bomb, by Peter Kuran (VCE, Inc.); The Art of the Shapshot: 1888-1978, by Sarah Greenough and Diane Waggoner (Princeton University Press); It’s Complicated: The American Teenager, Portraits & Interviews by Robin Bowman (Umbrage Editions); Reflections of a Man: The Photographs of Stanley Marcus, edited by Jerrie Marcus Smith and Allison Vose Smith (The Cairn Press)
4. Architecture
101 Things I Learned in Architecture School, by Matthew Frederick (The MIT Press); Frank Lloyd Wright in New York, by Jane King Hession and Debra Pickrel (Gibbs Smith, Publisher); The Leisure Architecture of Wayne McAllister, by Chris Nichols (Gibbs Smith, Publisher); Kentucky Houses of Stratton Hammon, by Winfrey P. Blackburn, Jr. and R. Scott Gill (Butler Books)

5. Popular Fiction

Dreaming Baseball, by James T. Farrell (The Kent State University Press); Summer Snow, by Stan Lynde (iUniverse); The Mulligan, by Nathan Jorgenson (Flat Rock Publishing); The Man of My Dreams, by Jacqueline Tasch (BookSurge); Shelf Monkey, by Corey Redekop (ECW Press)
6. Literary Fiction
Fresh Fields, by Peter Kocan (Europa Editions); Theme Song for an Old Show, by Jeffrey Lewis (Other Press); Breathing Out the Ghost, by Kirk Curnutt (River City Publishing); Bowl of Cherries, by Millard Kaufman (McSweeny’s Books); The Folded World, by Amity Gaige (Other Press)
7. Short Story Fiction
Dream Lives of Butterflies, by Jaimee Wriston Colbert (BkMk Press, Univ of Missouri-Kansas City); Downriver, by Jeanne Leiby (Carolina Wren Press); scrub, by Emily Nemens (Shady Lane Press); Long After Fathers, by Roberta Rees (Coteau Books); Migration Patterns, by Gary Schanbacher (Fulcrum Publishing)
8. Anthologies
The Sioux in South Dakota History: A Twentieth Century Reader, edited by Richmond L. Clow (South Dakota State Historical Society Press); Stone Canoe Number 2, editor by Robert Colley (Syracuse University); Lines of Velocity: Words That Move From WriteGirl, edited by Keren Taylor (Write Girl Publications); Rhyming Poems: A Contemporary Anthology, edited by William Baer (University of Evansville Press); Deep Travel: Contemporary American Poets Abroad, edited by Sandra Meek (Ninebark Press); Viz. Inter-Arts: Event  A Trans- Genre Anthology, edited by, Roxanne Power Hamilton (Viz. Inter-Arts)
9. Juvenile/Young Adult Fiction
Songs for a Teenage Nomad, by Kim Culbertson (Hip Pocket Press); Tips on Having a Gay (ex) Boyfriend, by Carrie Jones (Flux); The Ghost in Allie’s Pool by Sari Bodi (Brown Barn Books); The Nightmare Tree, by Richard Rene (Coteau Books for Kids); The Night Wanderer: A Native Gothic Novel, by Drew Hayden Taylor (Annick Press); Perch, Mrs. Sackets and Crow’s Nest, by Karen Pavlicin (Alma Little)
10. Fantasy/Science Fiction
Brian Froud’s World of Faerie, by Brian Froud (Insight Editions); The Starfish People, by Leann Marshall (Xlibris Corporation); Virtual Evil, by Jana G. Oliver (Dragon Moon Press); Sharlie, by Lynda Johnson (Swansea Music); The Oblivion Society, by Marcus Alexander Hart (Permuted Press); The Key, by Pauline Baird Jones (L&L Dreamspell)
11. Historical/Military Fiction
Trail of the Red Butterfly, by Karl H. Schlesier (Texas Tech University Press); Rosebloom, by Christine Keleny (CK Books); The Telemachia: A History by Animenes of Argos, by Michael Barnes Selvin (Lulu.com); The Traitor’s Wife: A Novel of the Reign of Edward II, by Susan Higginbotham (iUniverse); Hundred in the Hand, by Joseph M. Marshall III (Fulcrum Publishing)
12. Horror
Something Bad, by Richard Satterlie (Medallion Press); Cluck: Murder Most Fowl, by Eric D. Knapp ( BookSurge); The Portrait, by Joseph Barron (iUniverse); Heart of Scars, by Brian Easton (iUniverse); A Dark and Deadly Valley, edited by Mike Heffernan (Silverthought Press)
13. Multicultural Fiction Adult
Who’s Afraid of Red, by Alessandra Gelmi (Publish America); Blue Turquoise, White Shell, by Virginia Nosky (Treble Heart Books); The Guyanese Wanderer, by Jan Carew (Sarabande Books); Dance Lest We Fall Down, by Margaret Willson (Cold Tree Press); Osaka Heat, by Mary Claire Mahaney (AuthorHouse)
14. Multicultural Fiction – Children’s
Graciela’s Dream/El Sueño de Graciela: One Family’s Journey to College, by Max Benavidez & Katherine Del Monte (Lectura Books); Up Mountain One Time, by Willie Wilson, illustrated by Karen Bertrand (Bonne Resolution Press); The Little Saguaro/El sahuarito, by Shannon Young, illustrated by Kim Duffek (Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Book Press); Mei Ling in China City, by Icy Smith, illustrated by Gayle Garner Roski (East West Discovery Press); How to Ruin My Teenage Life, by Simone Elkeles (Flux/Llewellyn)
15. Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
The Cutting Season, by Arthur Rosenfeld (YMMA Publications); Erased, by Matthew Dunn (Onondaga Hill Publishing); Wearing the Spider, by Susan Schaab (Galavant Press); The Vanishing A-List, by Diane Ketcham (Tidelow Press); On Pain of Death, by Jan Rehner (Sumach Press); Stealing the Dragon, by Tim Maleeny (Flux/Llewellyn)

16. Religious Fiction
Mr. Inside, by L. Frank James (The Salt Works); The Barefoot Legend, by Gena Minnix (BookSurge); Mary Magdalene: Her Legacy, by Bettye Johnson (Living Free Press), Saving Erasmus, by Steven Cleaver (Paraclete Press); The War of the Rosens, by Janice Eidus (Behler Publications)
17. Romance
Front Row Center, by Cynthia B. Ainsworthe (Cynthia B. Ainsworthe LLC); Wolf Dawson, by Charlsie Russell (Loblolly Writer’s House); Geezettes, by Mary Ellen Erickson (iUniverse Star); When Dreams Tremble, by Radclyffe (Bold Strokes Books); Whispers from the Grave, by Kim Murphy (Coachlight Press)
18. True Crime
Fall, by Ron Franscell (New Horizon Press); The Murder of Mary Bean and Other Stories, by Elizabeth A. De Wolfe (The Kent State University Press); The Case Against Lucky Luciano, by Ellen Poulsen (Clinton Cook Publishing);  Black Gangsters of Chicago, by Ron Chepesiuk (Barricade Books); Hunting the American Terrorist, by Terry Turchie and Kathleen Puckett (History Publishing Company)
19. Visionary Fiction
Call of the Forbidden Way, by Robert Owings (Jawbone Nation Press); Stewards of the Flame, by Sylvia Engdahl; Circle of Doors, by Ranse Parker (Hampton & Beck Publishers); The Moonquest: A True Fantasy, by Mark David Gerson (LightLines Media)
20. Children’s Picture Books (6 and Under)
First Snow in the Woods, by Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick (Carl R Sams II Photography); Favorite Nursery Rhymes from Mother Goose, by Scott Gustafson: illustrator (The Greenwich Workshop Press); Roonie B Moonie: Lost and Alone, by Janan Cain (Illumination Arts Publishing); Prince Bear and Pauper Bear, by Emily Lim (Mustard Seed Books); God’s Greatest Gift, by Deborah S. Burch (God’s Greatest Gift, LLC); Where Rainbows Live, by Denise Vanderlugt (Denise Vanderlugt); Guess What Is Growing Inside This Egg, by Mia Posada (Millbrook Press, a division of Lerner Publishing Group);       

21. Children’s Picture Books (All Ages)
Winter is for Whales, by Ron Hirschi (Island Heritage Publishing); The Frog Who Wanted to See the Sea, by Guy Billout (The Creative Company) Tim and Sally’s Vegetable Garden, by Grady Thrasher (Hill Street Press); Beowulf Book One: Grendel the Ghastly, by Michelle Szobody (Portland Studios); I Still Hate to Read!, by Rita Marshall, illustrated by Etienne Delessert (The Creative Company); Superb Maine Soups, by Paula Blanchard (Down East Books); Agate: What Good is a Moose, by Joy Morgan Dey and Nikki Johnson (Lake Superior Port Cities) 
22. Children’s Interactive
Mr. Walrus and the Old School Bus, by Patricia Derrick (Animalations); Adventures with Jonny Ice Fishing: The Coolest Sport on Earth, by Michael DiLorenzo (Running Moose Publications); What Kids REALLY Want To Ask: Using Movies to Start Meaningful Conversations, by Rhonda A. Richardson and A. Margaret Pevec (VanderWyk and Burnham); Mummy Maze: The Tomb Treasures Maze Book, by Elizabeth Carpenter (Mazeology); Gallery Ghost, by Anna Nilsen (Birdcage Press)
23. Juvenile-Teen-Y/A Non-Fiction
Seven Years Seven Ways: Surviving Your Teen and Preteen Years, by Chad E. Bladow (Starrider Books); The Powder Box Secrets: Seven Tips to Help Teen Girls Achieve Success, by Carrie Silver-Stock, MSW, LCSW (Girls With Dreams); Be a Poet, by Nancy Bogen (Twickenham Press); MEMS and Nanotechnology for Kids, by Marlene Bourne (Bourne Research LLC); Michelangelo’s World, by J. Patrick Lewis (The Creative Company); Knitting with Gigi, by Karen Thalacker (Martingale and Company); The Big Book of Pop Culture: A How-To Guide for Young Artists, by Hal Niedzviecki (Annick Press)
24. Multicultural N-F Juv-Teen-YA
Latino Minnesota, by Leigh Roethke (Afton Historical Society Press); Homeland: The Illustrated History of the State of Israel, by Marv Wolfman, Mario Ruiz, and William J. Rubin (Nachshon Press, LLC); TB Aware, by Rachel von Roeschlaub (TB Aware, Inc.); From Slave to Superstar of the Wild West, by Tom DeMund (Legends of the West Publishing Co.); Taj Mahal, by Caroline Arnold and Madeleine Comora (Carolrhoda Books, Inc.) 
25. Multicultural Non-Fiction Adult

Askiwina: A Cree World, by Doug Cuthand (Coteau Books);  The  Journey of Life: 100 Lessons from Around the World, by Sharon K. Sobotta (Intercultural Encounters/Channel Trade Editions); Feeding the Ancestors: Tlingit Carved Horn Spoons, by Anne-Marie Victor-Howe (Peabody Museum Press/Harvard University); Stones Witness, by Margaret Randall (University of Arizona Press); The Red-Black Connection, by Valena Broussard Dismukes; An American Paella; by Gloria Lopez

26. Essay/Creative Non-Fiction
Searching for Thoreau: On the Trails and Shores of Wild New England, by Tom Slayton (Images from the Past); How to Become a Great Creative Genius, by Judith Anne Still (The Master-Player Library); Extraordinary Healers, edited by Lena Huang and Melissa Weber (CURE Media Group); Adoption: Stories of Lives Transformed, by Dixie van de Flier Davis (Pie in the Sky Publishing, LLC); Stardust and Fate: The Blueroad Reader, edited by John Gaterud (Blueroad Press); Paper and Threshold: The Paradox of Spiritual Connection in Asian Cultures, by Dorothy Field (The Legacy Press)
27. Autobiography/Memoir
Color Me Butterfly, by L.Y. Marlow (eL Publishing); Light in Blue Shadow, by Edie Hartshorne (Ellsberg Books); Crossing the Yard, by Richard Shelton (The University of Arizona Press); Comfort Food for Breakups, by Marusya Bociurkiw (Arsenal Pulp Press); Romance, Riches, and Restrooms,  by Tim Phelan (iUniverse Star);
28. Biography
Steve Goodman, by Clay Eals (ECW Press); Moondog: The Viking of Sixth Avenue, by Robert Scotto (Process Media); The Man Who Hated Work and Loved Labor: The Life and Times of Tony Mazzocchi, by Les Leopold (Chelsea Green Publishing); Stanley: The Impossible Life of Africa’s Greatest Explorer (Yale University Press

29. Aging/ Death & Dying
Light On Death, by J. Phillip Jones (Mandala Publishing); November Rose: A Speech on Death, by Kathrin Stengel (Upper West Side Philosophers, Inc.); Patient-Directed Dying, by Thomas Preston (iUniverse); Living Consciously, Dying Gracefully: A Journey with Cancer and Beyond, by Nancy Manahan and Becky Bohan (Beaver’s Pond Press, Inc. ); Final Conversations: Helping the Living and the Dying Talk to Each Other, by Maureen P. Keeley and Julie M. Yingling (VanderWyk and Burnham)

30. Animals/Pets
Moms and Paws: An Intimate Look at Women and their Best Friends, by Sandra Bolan (Fetch It Up); The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, in Fact and Fancy, by Barbara Garnett-Wilson (Cascade Publications); One With the Herd, by Liz Mitten Ryan (Publishing Works); Thought to Exist in the Wild: Awakening from the Nightmare of Zoos, by Derrick Jensen and Karen Tweedy-Holmes (No Voice Unheard); A French Bulldog for Every Season, by Michele Copen (Design Boutique); Horse: A Portrait – A Photographer’s Life with Horses, by Christiane Slawik (Willow Creek Press); Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation and the No Kill Revolution in America, by Nathan J. Winograd (Almaden Books)

31. Business/Career/Sales
Lasting Contributions: How to Think, Plan, and Act to Accomplish Meaningful Work, by Tad Waddington (Agate Publishing); Think Like a CEO, by Mark Kuta (Flow Publishing); Silver Spoons, Mad Baboons, and Other Tales of Tea, by Barry W. Cooper; Achieve Brand Integrity: Ten Truths You Must Know to Enhance Employee Performance and Increase Company Profits, by Gregg Lederman (B@W Press); Field Guide to Nonprofit Strategic Planning and Facilitation, by Carter McNamara (Authenticity Consulting, LLC)
32. Coffee Table Books
Bulgari, by Daniela Mascetti and Amanda Triossi (Abbeville Press); The Fine Art of Angling: Ten Modern Masters, by Diane K. Inman (Di Les Books); Wine Across America: A Photographic Road Trip, by Charles O’Rear and Daphne Larkin (Wineviews Publishing); Moving On: The Art of Steve Hanks, by Steve Hanks with Keith Olson (Greenwich Workshop Press); Great Ranches of the West, by Jim Keen with Ami Reeves (KM Media, Inc.); Shoe Fleur, by Michel Tcherevkoff (Welcome Books); Kagedo Japanese Art: Breaking Light, by Jeffery Cline and William Knospe (Cosgrove Editions)

33. Cookbooks
Passion for Coffee: Sweet and Savory Recipes with Coffee, by Patricia McCausland-Gallo (FRP Books); Honga’s Lotus Petal, by Honga Inn Hopgood (Gibbs Smith, Publisher); Soby’s New South Cuisine, by Rodney Freidank , Carl Sobocinski, David Williams, and Richard Peck (Table 301); The Calcutta Kitchen, by Simon Parks and Udit Sarkhel (Interlink Publishing Group, Inc.); Ireland’s Comfort Foods and Touring Attractions, by Viki Pidgeon (Pidgeon’s Press); Lindt Chocolate Passion, by Steve Sanger (Sanger Communications, LLC); Cristina’s Tuscan Table, by Cristina Ceccatelli Cook (Gibbs Smith, Publisher

34. Current Events
The Myth of the Rational Voter: Why Democracies Choose Bad Policies, by Bryan Caplan (Princeton University Press); Urban Meltdown: Cities, Climate Change and Politics as Usual, by Clive Doucet (New Society Press); Cracking the Code: How to Win Hearts, Change Minds, and Restore America’s Original Vision, by Thom Hartman (Berrett-Koehler Publishers); Peak Everything: Waking Up to the Century of Declines, by Richard Heinberg (New Society Press); Debunking 9/11 Debunking: An Answer to Popular Mechanics and Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory, by David Ray Griffin (Olive Branch Press/Interlink)

35. Education/Academic/Teaching
Thinking Organized for Parents and Children, by Rhona M. Gordon, M.S., CCC/SLP (Thinking Organized Press); How the Brain Learns Mathematics, by David A. Sousa (Corwin Press); Visual Support for People with Autism: A Guide for Parents and Professionals, by Marlene J. Cohen, Ed.D., BCBA and Donna L. Sloan, M.A.,  BCBA (Woodbine House); What’s Working in High School?: Books One and Two, edited by Anne Davies, Ph.D. and Kathy Busick, Ph.D (Connections Publishing); Bright Futures, edited by Joseph Hagan, MD, Judith Shaw, RN, MPH, EdP, Paula Duncan, MD (American Academy of Pediatrics)
36. Environment/Ecology/Nature
Winning Our Energy Independence , by S. David Freeman (Gibbs Smith, Publishing); The Hydrogen Age, by Geoffrey Holland with James Provenzano (Gibbs Smith, Publishing); The Unnatural History of the Sea, by Callum Roberts (Island Press); Nomads of the Wind: The Journey of the Monarch Butterfly and Other Winders of the Butterfly World, by Ingo Arndt, Claus-Peter Lieckfeld and Peter Huemer (Papadakis); America’s Underwater Treasures,  by Jean-Michel Cousteau and Julie Robinson (Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society)
37. Erotica
American Cool, by Susan DiPlacido (Rebel Press/iUniverse); Slave to Love, by Nikita Black (Cajun Hot Press); Erotic Interludes 5: Road Games, edited by Radclyffe and Stacia Seaman (Bold Strokes Books); Sex Libris: A Book About What Everyone Thinks They Know, edited by Christopher Meason
38. Finance/Investment/Economics
The Quiet Millionaire, by Brett Wilder (FMG Publishing, Inc.); Practicing Financial Planning for Professionals, by Sid Mittra and Anandi P. Sahu with Robert A. Crane (Rochester Hills Publishing/Publishnow.net, Inc.); Bonds: The Unbeaten Path to Secure Investment Growth, by Hildy Richelson and Stan Richelson (Bloomberg Press); A Farewell to Alms, by Gregory Clark (Princeton University Press); The Two Headed Quarter, by Joseph Ganem (Chartley Publishing, LLC)
39. Gay/Lesbian
The Brides of March, by Beren de Motier (iUniverse); Carnal Sacraments, by Perry Brass (Belhue Press); First Person Queer, ed. Richard LaBonte and Lawrence Schimel (Arsenal Pulp Press); A Hint of Homosexuality?, by Bruce H. Joffe (Xlibris); Sexual Fluidity, by Lisa M. Diamond (Harvard University Press)
40. Gift/Holiday/Specialty
Divine Inspirations: A Handbook for the Heart and Soul, by Annohrtamus (Annohrtamus, LLC); Frohliche Weihnachten: Learning Songs and Traditions in German, by Linda Rauenhorst (Teach Me Tapes, Inc); Notes to My Son Before You Go, by Vesna M. Bailey (Walkerville Publishing); When Santa Turned Green, Victoria Perla (Plan G, LLC); Causing a Stir: The Secret Lives and Loves of Kitchen Utensils, by Prartho Sereno (Mansarovar Press); I’m Not Too Busy, by Jodi Hills (TRISTAN Publishing, Inc.); Dearest, by Michelangelo Altiere (London House Publishing)

41. Health/Medicine/Nutrition

Having Nasal Surgery? Don’t You Become An Empty Nose Victim! by Christopher Martin, N.C.S.P. (Cold Tree Press); Reasonable People: A Memoir of Autism & Adoption, by Ralph James Savarese (Other Press); Turning White: A Memoir of Change, by Lee Thomas (Momentum Books); Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry, by Stacy Malkan (New Society Press)
42. Graphic Novel/Drawn Book – Humor/Cartoon
Kitty Nirvana: The First Ginger & Shadow Collection, by Barry Corbett (Corbett Features); The Opposite Sex, by Sam Grant Jr. (Sam Grant Design); The Adventures of Jasper: Lost in Skookum Valley, by Glen Lovett (Lovett Pictures Inc.): Captured by Pirates (Twisted Journeys #1), by Justine & Ron Fontes, illustrated by David Witt (Graphic Universe/Lerner Publishing Group)
43. Graphic Novel/Drawn Book – Drama/Documentary
Images from the Neocerebellum: The Wood Engravings of George A. Walker (The Porcupine’s Quill); Shortcomings, by Adrian Tomine (Drawn & Quarterly); Strangers in Paradise – Pocket Book 6, by Terry Moore (Abstract Studio);  Henry V - The Graphic Novel, by William Shakespeare (Classical Comics); Lost Raven, by Darren G. Davis (Bluewater Comics)
44. History
The Guardian: The History of South Africa’s Extraordinary Anti-Apartheid Newspaper, by James Zug (Michigan State University Press); Musa Dagh, by Edward Minasian (Cold Tree Press); Guests Behind the Barbed Wire: German POWs in America – A True Story of Hope and Friendship, by Ruth Beaumont Cook (Crane Hill Publishers); Monongah: The Tragic Story of the 1907 Monongah Mine Disaster, by Davitt Mc Ateer (West Virginia University Press); Leviathan: The History of Whaling in America, by Eric Jay Dolin (W.W. Norton); Blood and Soil: A World History of Genocide and Extermination from Sparta to Darfur, by Ben Kiernan (Yale University Press); Comrades, by Robert Service (Harvard University Press)
45. Home & Garden
Giant Tomatoes, by Marvin H. Meisner, M.D. (Annedawn Publishing); The Smart Approach to Small Space Living, by Susan Boyle Hillstrom (Creative Homeowner); At Home Pasadena, by Jill Alison Ganon and Sandy Gillis (Prospect Park Books); Can’t Fail Color Schemes, by Amy Wax (Creative Homeowner); Farrow and Ball, by Brian D. Coleman (Gibbs Smith, Publisher)

46. How-To (Crafts/Hobby/Industrial Arts)
The Dancer’s Book of Ballet Crafts, by Christina Aleta Haskin (Creative Homeowner); Ruth B. McDowell’s Design Workshop, by Ruth B. McDowell (C&T Publishing); Knitting Never Felt Better: The Definitive Guide to Fabulous Felting, by Nicky Epstein (Sixth & Spring Books); 200 Creative Crafts for You & Your Home, edited by Megan Hiller (Sellers Publishing); Crochet Inspiration, by Sasha Kagan (Sixth & Spring Books)
47. Humor
The Last of Vintage Whine, by Patty Fedeli (Fedeli Corporation); The Women’s Daily Irony Supplement, by Judy Gruen (Creative Minds Press); Chinglish, by Oliver Lutz Radtke (Gibbs, Smith, Publisher); The Photographic Humor of Keith Auerbach,  by Keith Auerbach (Bean Plant Press); Don’t Fry Bacon in the Nude (and Other Bits of Advice from My Mother), by Peggy Ward (BookSurge)
48. Inspirational/Spiritual
Making Molehills out of Mountains, by Andrew McCrea (Blake and King); Old Bug, by Dan Jackson (End Run Press); Your Forgotten Self, by David Robert Ord (Nameste Publishing); Messages to Me: Words Collected on the Road to Silence, by Margaret Coyle (One Body Books); The Buddha Next Door, by Zan Gaudioso and Greg Martin (Middleway Press); Calm in the Face of the Storm: Spiritual Daily Practice for the Peacemaker, by Nan Waller Burnett (Devenio Restituo Pacis Publishers); Be…a Woman: Expressions of Life, by Kim MacGregor and Arline Malakian (Beautiful Beginnings Youth Inc)

49. New Age (Mind-Body-Spirit)
Bhakti Energy Work for Enlightenment, by Julie and Dale McNitt; Tracking the Soul with an Astrology of Consciousness, by Joe Landwehr (Ancient Tower Press); Tarot for the New Aeon, by P.C. Tarantino (Alternative Insights Publishing); The Mystery of 2012, by Various (Sounds True); The Instruction, by Ainslie MacLeod (Sounds True)
50. Parenting
The Complete Guide to Understanding, Controlling, and Stopping Bullies and Bullying: A Complete Guide for Teachers and Parents, by Margaret R. Kohut (Atlantic Publishing Company); Fathering Your School-Aged Child, by Armin A. Brott (Abbeville Press); Food Fights, by Laura A. Jana, MD and Jennifer Shu, MD (American Academy of Pediatrics); Baby Matters, Revised 2nd Edition: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Caring for Your Baby, by Linda Folden Palmer, DC (Baby Reference); Autism Heroes: Portraits of Families Meeting the Challenge, by Barbara Firestone (Jessica Kingsley Publishers)
51. Poetry
Rhythms, by Leo Shelton (Tugson Press); Tahirih Unveiled, by Julia Older (Turning Point Press); Little Rock, 2005, by Edwin E. Smith; Retreats & Recognitions, by Grace Bauer (Lost Horse Press);  What Came Before, by Irene Latham (Negative Capability Press); The Origin of the Milky Way, by Barbara Louise Ungar (Gival Press)

52. Popular Culture/Leisure
Reckless Road: Guns N’ Roses and the Making of Appetite for Destruction, by Marc Canter with Jason Porath (Real Deal Media); Carny: Americana on the Midway, by Virginia Lee Hunter (Umbrage Editions); American Art Parades: When Pigs Flew, Guitars Rocked and Cows Jumped Over the Moon, by Karlynn Keyes and Rod Barker (American ArtParades LLC); The Source: The Untold Story of Father Yod, Ya Ho Wa 13 and the Source Family, by Isis Aquarian with Electricity Aquarian (Process Media); John and Yoko, by Allan Tannenbaum (Insight Editions)
53. Psychology/Mental Health

Land of Stone: Breaking Silence Through Poetry, by Karen Chase (Wayne State University Press); The Philosophy of Rich: A True Story About Brothers and Resurrection, by Ted Courtemanche (Iterim Publishing); Hidden in Plain Sight: Getting to the Bottom of Puzzling Emotions, by Barry Grosskopf, M.D. (VanderWyk & Burnham); Help Your Child or Teen Get Back on Track, by Kenneth H. Talan, M.D. (Jessica Kingsley Publishers); Self-Help Skills for People with Autism, by Stephen R. Anderson, PhD, Amy L. Jablonski, PsyD, Marcus L Thomeer, PhD & Vicki Madaus Knapp, PhD (Woodbine House)
54. Sports/Fitness/Recreation

The Fishing Handbook: An Illustrated Guide for Anglers, by Rob Beattie (Sellers Publishing); The Fish House Book: Life on Ice in the Northland, by Kathryn Nordstorm (Dovetailed Press LLC); Gipsy Mouth IV: A Legend Sails Again, by Paul Gelder (Wiley Nautical); The Haydens: Nicky, Tommy, and Roger, by Chris Jonnum (David Bull Publishing); Fly Fishing for Striped Bass, by Rich Murphy (Wild River Press); Knockout, by Ken Regan (Insight Editions)

55. Reference
Authoritative Guide to Lionel’s Promotional Outfits 1960-1969, by John W. Schmid (Project Roar Publishing); Red Book Atlas, edited by Carol J. Baker, MD (American Academy of Pediatrics); Read, Remember, Recommend: A Reading Journal for Book Lovers, by Rachelle Rogers Knight (Bibliopages) ; The Golden Age of Big Little Books, by Lawrence F. Lowery (Educational Research and Applications LLC)
56. Religion
Jihad and Jew-Hatred, by Matthias Kuntzel (Telos Press Publishing);  Scribal Culture and the Making of the Hebrew Bible, by Karel Van Der Toorn (Harvard University Press); Understanding Reality Religion, by Hiley H. Ward (iUniverse); Burning to Read, by James Simpson (Belknap Press of Harvard University Press)
57. Science
Biobazaar, by Janet Hope (Harvard University Press); The Accidental Mind by David J. Linden (Belknap Press of Harvard University Press); Gaiome, by Kevin Scott Polk; The Last Human, by Various (Yale University Press); Why the Lion Grew Its Mane: A Miscellany of Recent Scientific Discoveries From Astronomy to Zoology, by Lewis Smith (Papadakis) 
58. Self Help
Funky to Fabulous, by Eli Davidson (Oak Grove Publishing); Spiritual Capitalism, by Peter Ressler and Monika Mitchell Ressler (Chilmark Books); Trauma Stewardship: An Everyday Guide to Caring for Self While Caring for Others, by Laura van Dernoot Lipsky (Las Olas Press); The New IQ, David Gruder, Ph.D. (Energy Psychology Press); The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die, by John Izzo Ph.D. (Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.); Build a Better You, by Dr. Richard Brouse (Bamboo River Press/ID Graphics); The Age of Speed, by Vince Poscente (Bard Press); Never Iron When You Are Naked, by Trevor Perry (urxo.com)
59. Sexuality/Relationships
More Love, More Joy!, by Jennifer Martin & Ryan West (Discovery Bay Books); Bring Yourself to Love, by Mona Barbera, PhD (Dos Monos); Ride ‘Em Cowgirl: Sex Position Secrets for Better Bucking, by Dr. Sadie Allison (Tickle Kitty Press); Men are Easy: A Simple Guide to Fun, Sexy, Happy, and Easy Relationships, by Lynn Rasmussen (Mohala Media); Every Single Girl’s Guide to Her Future Husband’s Last Divorce, by Adryenn Ashley (ChickLit Media Group)
60. Travel Essay
I See By My Outfit: A Cross-Country Adventure, by Peter S. Beagle (Centro Books, LLC); The Ordinary Adventurer, by Jan Leitschuh (Jerelyn Press); Javatrekker: Dispatches from the World of Fair Trade Coffee, by Dean Cycon (Chelsea Green Publishing); World Voyagers: The True Story of a Veterinarian, a Renaissance Man, and Stewart the Cat, by Shelton and Wood (Book Orchard Press Inc.); Alaska: A Photographic Excursion, by Mark Kelley and Nick Jans (Mark Kelley Publishing); Cruisin’ in Fossil Freeway, by Kirk Johnson and Ray Troll (Fulcrum Publishing)
61. Travel Guidebook
The Unfolding History of the Berkshires, by David J. McLaughlin (Pentacle Press); Prague: Artel Style, by Karen Feldman (Artel Books); A Traveller’s Wine Guide to France, by Christopher Fielden (Interlink Publishing Group, Inc.); A Journey into Flaubert’s Normandy, by Susannah Patton (Roaring Forties Press); America’s Living History: The Early Years, by Suzanne and Craig Sheumaker (Red Corral Publishing)
62. Women’s Issues
Women of Courage: Intimate Stories from Afghanistan, by Katherine Kiviat & Scott Heidler (Gibbs Smith, Publisher); The Promise: Revealing the Purpose of Your Soul, by Therèse Tappouni (Synergy Books); Rosie’s Daughters: The “First Woman To” Generation Tells Its Story, by Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonnett (Iaso Books/Two Bridges Press); Stories of Illness and Healing: Women Write Their Bodies, edited by Sayantani DasGupta & Marsha Hurst (Kent State University Press); The She Project: how SHE inspired a community, by Lauren Ohlgren (Growing Art Press)
63. Writing/Publishing
Inside Story: The Power of the Transformational Arc, by Dara Marks (Three Mountain Press); The Writer Behind the Words: Steps to Success in the Writing Life, by Dara Girard (ILORI Press); Plug Your Book! Online Book Marketing for Authors, by Steve Weber (Weber Books); Writing for Life: The Craft of Writing for Everyday Living, by John D. Bessler (Bottlecap Books); Random Illuminations: Conversations with Carol Shields, by Eleanor Wachtel (Goose Lane Editions); The Wayzgoose Affair, by Jadwiga Jarvis (The Wayzgoose Press)
64. Book Marketing
Peeps®! Recipes and Crafts to Make with Your Favorite Marshmallow Treat, by Charity Ferreira (Chronicle Books); The Iron Fairies, by Ashley Sutton (Wildblue Holdings); Pardon Me. It’s Ham, Not Turkey, by Lisa Suhay, illustrated by Pamela Barcita (Bumble Bee Publishing)

2008 Independent Publisher Book Awards Outstanding Books of the Year
For 25 years our mission at Independent Publisher has been to recognize and encourage the work of publishers who exhibit the courage and creativity necessary to take chances, break new ground, and bring about change, not only to the world of publishing, but to our society. These nominees were chosen from our regular entries for exemplifying this daring spirit. Here are the finalists in the 10 Outstanding Book categories – each will receive gold, silver or bronze medals when the final results are announced.
Most Original Concept
Divided Portraits: Identity and Disability, by Hilary Cooper (Umbrage Editions); And Grace Will Lead Me Home: Images of the Prodigal Son, by Robert M. Brusic (Lutheran University Press); Excursions in Geography, by James W. Lett, Ph.D. (Indian River Community College Foundation d/b/a Pioneer River Press); The Little Man in the Map, by E. Andrew Martonyi (Schoolside Press)

Most Outstanding Design
Red Carpet: 20 Years of Fame and Fashion, Photographs by Frank Trapper; Edited by Katrina Fried (Welcome Books); The Tao of Rudy, by Corinne Humphrey (Sage Press); The Gettysburg Address, Inscribed and Illustrated by Sam Fink (Welcome Books)
Best Book Arts Craftsmanship
McSweeney’s Issue 22, edited by Eli Horowitz (McSweeney’s); A Reproduction if Facsimile of Hamlet from the First Folio of 1623, introduction by Charles Adams Kelly (Triple Anvil Press); Mont-Saint-Michel, by Michael Kenna and Henry Adams (21st Editions)
Story Teller of the Year
Drawers and Booths, by Ara 13 (CovingtonMoore, Inc.); Clown Girl, by Monica Drake (Hawthorne Books); Splattery, by Stephen T. Savage (iUniverse)
Most Inspirational to Youth
Letters From Katrina, by Mark Hoog (Growing Field Books); Incredibly Lonely, That’s Me, by Ben Keckler (Eagle Creek Publications, LLC); A Promise to Our Child, by Anthony Muchina (Life Issues Publishing)
Most Life-Changing
Lisa’s Story: The Other Shoe, by Tom Batiuk (Kent State University Press); Finding Grace, by Lynn Blodgett (Earth Aware Editions); Mugshots: A Celebration of the Journey from Ruin to Redemption, by Jason Porath and Jonas Mohr (Real Deal Media)
Most Likely to Save the Planet
Sacred Land: Intuitive Gardening for Personal, Political & Environmental Change, by Clea Danaan (Llewellyn Publications); Wake Up and Smell the Planet, by Grist (Mountaineers Books); Water Voices from Around the World, edited by William E. Marks (William E. Marks, Publishers); Blue Planet Run, by Rick Smolan (Earth Aware Editions)
Most Progressive Health Book
Shedding Light on Genetically Engineered Food, by Beth H. Harrison, PhD (iUniverse); Your Right to Know: Genetic Engineering and the Secret Changes in Your Food, by Andrew Kimbrell (Earth Aware); The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones, by Michael E. Platt, MD (Clancy Lane Publishing)

Peacemaker of the Year
Bones That Float: A Story of Adopting Cambodia, by Kari Grady Grossman (Wild Heaven Press); Lives in the Balance: The Street People of Asia, Jimmy Lam (Marshall Cavendish); That the World May Know: Bearing Witness to Atrocity, by James Dawes (Harvard University Press)
Freedom Fighter Award
The Azrieli Series of Holocaust Survivor Memoirs – Series 1, Tamarah Feder, Managing Editor and Program Manager (The Azrieli Foundation); America’s Conscience: Facing Threats to Democracy, the Middle Class and Our World, by Bernadette T. Vadurro (Speakers Live Books); The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot, by Naomi Wolf (Chelsea Green Publishing)

2008 Independent Publisher Regional Book Awards - Semi-Finalists
These regional “IPPYs” were designed to spotlight the best regional titles from around North America. Over 600 entries were received from across the U.S. and Canada. Books were judged alongside books for and about their regions only, based on their quality and regional significance.
U.S. North-East - Best Regional Fiction
A Jolly Good Fellow, by Stephen V. Masse (Good Harbor Press); The Lace Reader, by Brunonia Barry (Flap Jacket Press); An Unexpected Forest, by Eleanor Lincoln Morse (Down East Books)
U.S. North-East - Best Regional Non-Fiction
Mighty Giants: An American Chestnut Anthology, edited by Chris Bolgiano and Glenn Novak (The American Chestnut Foundation); Broken Justice: A True Story of Race, Sex and Revenge in a Boston Courtroom, by Kenneth C. Edelin, M.D. (PondViewPress); Hudson Valley Voyage, by Ted Spiegel and Reed Sparling (Involvement Media, Inc.); Northeast Passage, by Clyde H. Smith (Thistle Hill Publications); Our Point of View, by Thomas Mark Szelog and Lee Ann Szelog (Down East Books)
Mid-Atlantic – Best Regional Fiction
Shades of Gray, by Jessica James (Patriot Press); Must Thee Fight, by Lynmar Brock (BookSurge); Death Takes a Buggy Ride, by Ron Yeakley (iUniverse)
Mid-Atlantic – Best Regional Non-Fiction
The Horseshoe Curve: Sabotage and Subversion in the Railroad City, by Dennis P. McIlnay (Seven Oaks Press); The Hidden Galleon, by John Amrhein Jr. (New Maritima Press); Holocaust Survivors of South Jersey: Portraits of Resilience, edited by Maryann McLoughlin, Ph.D. (ComteQ Publishing); Country Pursuits: British, American, and French Sporting Art from the Mellon Collections in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, by Malcolm Cormack (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts); The Narrative Art of Robert Griffing, by Tim Todish (Paramount Press, Inc.)
South-East – Best Regional Fiction
 Journey to Wholeness, by Charles Jarrett (Booksurge); An Angry Drum Echoed, by Pamela Bauer Mueller (Pinata Publishing); Absolution, by Miriam Herin (Novello Festival Press)
South-East – Best Regional Non-Fiction
Florida’s Lighthouse in the Civil War, by Neil E. Hurley (Middle River Press); GUNNY Memoirs of Mobile’s South Side: Riding Alabama’s Tide of White Supremacy, by James Joullian Gonzales (Academy Books, LLC); Alligators, Sharks and Panthers: Deadly Encounters with Florida’s Top Predator – Man, by Charles Sobczak (Indigo Press, LLC); The Complete Guide to Walt Disney World 2008, by Julie and Mike Neal (Coconut Press Inc.); Pigs on the Patio: My Life Riding Herd on a Lowcountry Plantation, by Liz Tucker (Legacy Publications)
South – Best Regional Fiction
Seven Ox Seven, Part One: Escondido Bound, by P.A. Ritzer; Outside Child, by Alice Wilson-Fried (Komenar Publishing); The Wisdom of Yawdy Rum, by Michael Lane (Expert Publishing Inc.)
South – Best Regional Non-Fiction
Deep Water: Joseph P. Macheca and the Birth of the American Mafia, by Thomas Hunt and Martha Macheca Sheldon ( iUniverse); Letters to Lori: The Family History and Stories of Opal Corn Meyers, by Barbara League; My South Coast Home: Photographs of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, by Ken Murphy (South Coast Publishing); Every Town Needs a Trail, by Jen Ohlson (Pathway Productions LLC); Marshes to Mansions: Treasured Recipes of South Louisiana, by The Junior League of Lake Charles (Junior League of Lake Charles)
Great Lakes – Best Regional Fiction
A Warrant for Mrs. Lincoln, by Nancy Schleifer (xLibris); Mr. Pleasant, by Jim Ray Daniels (Michigan State University Press); Eight Dogs Named Jack, by Joe Borri (Momentum Books)
Great Lakes – Best Regional Non-Fiction
The Great Lakes: The Natural History of a Changing Region, by Wayne Grady (Greystone Books); Shooting Star, by Alana Paluszewski (Momentum Books); Strange Wisconsin: More Badger State Weirdness, by Linda S. Godfrey (Trails Books); General Motors Styling 1927-1958: Genesis of the World’s Largest Design Studios, by Tracy Powell (Powell House Publishing and Communications); Downtown Chicago in Transition, by Eric Bronsky and Neal Samors (Chicago’s Books Press); Chicago: City on the Move, by Michael Williams, Richard Cahan, and Bruce Moffat (Cityfiles Press)
Mid-West – Best Regional Fiction
The Mystery of Round Rocks, by Mark Meierhenry and David Volk (South Dakota State Historical Society Press); Fiddler’s Ghost, by Mitch Jayne (Wildstone Media); The Ghost of Schafer Meadows, by Beth Hodder (Grizzly Ridge Publishing)
Mid-West – Best Regional Non-Fiction
Ron Schara’s Minnesota Bound, by Ron Schara (Tristan Publishing); The Boyhood Memoirs of A.E. Hotchner: King of the Hill – Looking for Miracles, by A.E. Hotchner (Missouri History Museum); Stories from Before: The New Voices of Immigrants in St. Louis, by Janet Morey and Gail Schafers (Missouri History Museum); Chaco’s Vanished Past Hogans, Tents and Ruins, by Florence C. Lister (Durango Herald Small Press); A Noble Task, by Biloine W. Young (Afton Historical Society Press); Haythorn Land and Cattle Co., by Lisa Norman (Trabon Publishing)
West-Mountain – Best Regional Fiction
Coyota, by Martha Egan (Papalote Press); The Arc and the Sediment, by Christine Allen-Yazzie (Utah State University Press); Where the Rivers Run North,  by Sam Morton (Sheridan County Historical Society Press)
West-Mountain – Best Regional Non-Fiction
Grand Obsession: Harvey Butchart and the Exploration of the Grand Canyon, by Elias Butler and Tom Myers (Puma Press); Wild About Wildflowers: Extreme Botanizing in the Crested Butte, Wildflower Capital of Colorado, by Katherine Darrow (WildKat Publishing Co.); Brave New West, by Jim Stiles (University of Arizona Press); New Geographies of the American West: Land Use and the Changing Patterns of Place, by William R. Travis (Island Press); Natural Revelations, by Susan Swartz (Susan Swartz Studios)
West-Pacific – Best Regional Fiction
Field Notes, by Sheila Clapkin (Booksurge/Berclair Lane Books); Stolen Boy, by Michael Mehas (iUniverse); The Stillness of Love and Exile, by Rosa Martha Villarreal (Tertulia Press)
West-Pacific – Best Regional Non-Fiction
The Methow Valley, by Lumry, Wengerd, and Hurwitz (Eaglemont Press); Wildflowers of Northern California’s Wine Country and North Coast Ranges, by Reny Parker (New Creek Ranch Press); Hometown Santa Monica: The Bay Cities Book, edited by Colleen Dunn Bates, co-authors Jenn Garbee, Nancy Gottesman, Stephanie Helper, Margery L. Schwartz (Prospect Park Books); Voices from the Street: Truths About Homelessness from the Sisters Of The Road, by Jessica P. Morrell (Gray Sunshine); Anchorage: Life at the Edge of the Frontier, by Clark James Mishler (Yes Alaska Press)
Canada–East – Best Regional Fiction
Borderline, by Bonnie Rozanski (The Porcupine’s Quill); Vinland: The Beginning, by RG Johnston (R.G. Johnston); The Best Laid Plans, by Terry Fallis (iUniverse)
Canada–East – Best Regional Non-Fiction
Reverend Mother’s Daughter, by Mary Haskett (Believe Books); A Personal Journey to the Heart of Teaching, by John Fioravanti (Iceberg Publishing); Canadian Marathon Stories: A Book of Extraordinary Inspirations, edited by Linda Rainville Wagar (Linda Wagar);Cod: The Ecological History of the North Atlantic Fisheries, by George A. Rose (Breakwater Books Ltd.); A Year at Fougères, by Charles Part and Jennifer Warren-Part (Chelsea Books)
Canada-West – Best Regional Fiction
Whispers Across Time, by J. Robert Whittle and Joyce Sandilands (Whitlands Publishing); The Trapps Family Adventures: The Old One, by Lawrence E.R. Adams (Trapps Publishing); The Hammer, by Vance Neudorf (Novel Concept Books)

Canada-West – Best Regional Non-Fiction
No Corner Boys Here, by Jean Crozier (Crozier Information Press); A World of Good, by Darlene L'Archeveque (AWOG Publishing); One With the Herd, by Liz Mitten Ryan (Publishing Works); They Never Surrendered: The Lakota Sioux Band that Stayed in Canada, by Ron Papandrea (BookSurge Publishing); Wild Alberta at the Crossroads, by Marian White and Robin White (NatureWatch Press)