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From John Kremer's PW page: "When some publishers think of getting noticed in Publishers Weekly, they first think of reviews. And it is true that a PW review can really boost sales to bookstores, but the reality is that PW only reviews 75 to 100 titles per issue ó that's about 5,000 titles per year, which is less than 10% of the total number of books published each year. Moreover, for smaller publishers, the fact is that PW still has a strong bias towards larger publishers when doing reviews." "To increase your chances of being accepted, send galleys three months (four months is better) prior the book's publication date (PW does not review books after publication date). Each galley should specify the title, author (with biographical information), pub date, price, ISBN, number of pages, number of illustrations, first printing figures, and advertising/promo budget (if noteworthy), and rights sales (if any). Also send distribution information as well as your company name and address if you are a new publisher. For specific guidelines or to check to see if your galleys were received, contact the editorial assistants at 646-746-6781, or fax 646-746-6631 or check the guidelines on the website:"


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John Kremerís Marvelous Book Marketing Strategies

Git-er-Done NOW Book Marketing Tip #13 - Contact the appropriate editors at Publishers Weekly.
Welcome to Marvelous Book Marketing Strategies, a monthly column based on book marketing expert John Kremerís 24-Point Book Marketing Action List, a list John compiled specially for the participants in his Book Marketing Blast-Off seminars. The actions on the list range from writing press releases and networking, to contacting Oprah and getting to know your bankís president. The underlying value of the list may be that it encourages you Ė the independent author and/or publisher Ė to focus on ACTION. As an independent author, self-publisher, or owner of a small publishing house, it all depends on YOU and your ability to GET THE JOB DONE. Self-promotion, guerilla marketing, and effective networking strategies are all vital elements of getting the BUZZ for yourself and your books that lead to SALES.

Each month we list one of John Kremerís Marketing Action suggestions, and elaborate a bit on why itís important and how to make each action happen effectively and efficiently. Prepare to TAKE ACTION, IMPROVE YOUR MARKETING, and SELL MORE BOOKS!

Book Marketing Action Tip #13:
ďContact the appropriate editors at Publishers Weekly.Ē

"PW is the magazine of record for the book publishing industry in the United States. Be sure that your books get featured in this magazine, if not with a review, then with an author interview, roundup article, featurette, or other notice. For a current list of PW editors, see"

Publishers Weekly is not only a magazine to be seen in, but one that you need to see with great regularity. As the main print vehicle for communication between publishers and booksellers, getting to know PW is a vital part of the book biz "big picture." The online aspects of PW are the Virtual Edition, included with a paid print subscription, and PW Daily, a daily email newsletter with lots of breaking news, info, blogs, etc., and three weekly newsletters that focus on Religion, Children's, and Comics.

It's great to see that PW has been able to hang in there while many print journals have called it quits, including PW's U.K. counterpart, Publishing News, printing its final issue on July 25, 2008, after a 29-year run. Some cost-cutting at PW has occurred of late, including a drop in pay for book reviewers, from $45 to $25 per review (To compensate, reviewers now get listed as contributors.)

PW has changed along with the industry, and sets a great example for authors and publishers about how to evolve with the times, the technology, and their readers' wants and needs.

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