Fabri Literary Prize for Aspiring Novelists

The third annual Fabri Literary Prize will remain open to entrants through September 15, 2009.

The Fabri Literary Prize was established in the memory of Frances Fabri to recognize the work of aspiring novelists by providing funds directly to authors, by publishing their novels in attractive trade editions, and by publicizing their work to literary reviewers, librarians, and booksellers.

The 2009 prizewinner will receive a publishing contract with a $7,500 advance and a $5,000 marketing budget. The winning novel will be published in the Fall of 2010 in a trade paperback edition by Boaz Publishing Company and distributed to the book trade by New Harbinger Publications.

The contest is open to American authors whose unpublished novels are written for educated adults with broad interests. Excluded from consideration are books for children or young adults and books that are focused on the religious market.

The Fabri Literary Prize is awarded each year; the 2009 deadline for entries is September 15th and the winner will be announced by November 30th. There are no fees to enter.

The Fabri Literary Prize is a juried contest. The judges of the inaugural prize were Jim Krusoe, author of Blood Lake and Other Stories, Tara Ison, author of The List, and Cyndi Hughes, book editor and director of the Kansas Book Festival.

Slightly over 200 novelists entered the first Fabri Prize. David Fuller Cook of Durham, NC, won with Reservation Nation.

"Entering the contest and being awarded the inaugural Fabri Literary Prize for Reservation Nation, came as an affirmation for the inexplicable light of confidence, that my writing is worth the reading. That the Los Angeles Times, and Chicago Tribune praised the book was valuable, but it touched me most deeply that Indian Country, the nation's largest Native American news source, gave it a thumbs up. I thank Boaz Publishing Company for making this possible. " -- David Fuller Cook

We received sixty entrants for the second Fabri Literary Prize. Eli Brown of Oakland, CA, won with The Great Days.

"The story of a troubled young cult member, this debut novel from poet Brown is a carefully-imagined tale of delusion and disillusion....With lyrical, confident prose, Brown makes August's dark journey a harrowing, convincing look into the heart of cult life that should linger with readers."
-- Publishers Weekly

To learn more and to enter by submitting a partial manuscript online, visit www.boazpublishing.com.