"Write Your Own Ticket to Online Success"is the title of the twenty part series by M.J. Rose on how authors can get noticed online.
The series is available online at the website. In addition to a good book, Rose says a writer needs a really good marketing plan.

From her introduction to the series:

"I'm going to tell you about how I made the Net work for me as an e-author. But first I want to bring you up to speed -- warp speed that is -- on how much has changed since I set out -- only 16 months ago -- to try to get some Internet buzz for my novel, Lip Service.

The glass is no longer half-empty for authors who have the talent and the drive to pursue alternative publishing opportunities. E-books, e-publishing, e-readers and print-on-demand are moving along faster than the speed of light.

The trick to Internet marketing is thinking outside the square." is's new digital content marketplace where readers and writers can buy, sell and publish unique and compelling written content. In April, the site offered the detective-spy novel, Woman in the Box, the first-ever serialized novel for sale exclusively via the Internet in a secure format.