Book Discovery Habits are Changing Fast

Bowker VP Presents New Data at DBW Conference

Reader behavior is in flux and the ways people discover and buy books is changing and expanding rapidly, according to a presentation by Bowker vice president of publishing services Kelly Gallagher.  The presentation was part of the Digital Book World Discoverability and Marketing conference in New York, September 24-25.

According to Gallagher:

– In 2011, nearly half of consumers changed their book-buying behavior
– 39% of books are sold online, 26% in stores, and the rest in nearly a dozen other ways
– People discover new books in up to 44 different ways

The take-away message: Everything has changed -- people of all demographics and readers of all genres are all discovering books in different ways.

According to the report on the presentation in Digital Book World Daily, Gallagher says that book marketers should begin their strategic thinking by focusing on the reader that they want to reach and knowing where they can find them and what kinds of marketing they respond to best.

"Amid all the change in how readers read and discover books, one thing has remained constant: in-person, personal recommendations are the No. 1 way people discover books, no matter who they are or how they read," says the report.

See the article at DBW Daily, with charts, graphs and a list of how various groups discover new books HERE.