Issuu Acquires MagmaHQ

Digital Publishing Platform Partners with Developer of Collaborative Tool That Helps Editorial Teams Produce Amazing Work Faster


Digital publishing platform Issuu continues to write a new book on publishing with its acquisition of Magma, an editorial platform that enables writers, editors, advertising salespeople and art directors to collaborate in organizing, laying out and proofing publications. Magma’s integration with Issuu removes the guesswork in production so publishers can focus on creating the very best publications to display on the world’s largest, interactive newsstand.

Issuu entices users to settle into a cozy digital space filled with more than 9 million publications, from trendy content such as VICE to model train and Trekkie fanzines. Users gain entry on their iPhone, iPad or laptop, and can flip through, tag and share content for free with friends on Twitter, Facebook and other social channels.

Magma will allow editorial teams to produce content more quickly and with fewer errors through its suite of editorial services packaged in a flatplan. This road mapping tool guides the team from the project’s early development to publication and allows members to:

·         View where articles and ads are placed, move pages and track receipt of articles

·         Collaborate on laying out, editing and  proofing copy

·         Determine how many ads need to be sold and track status of ad sales

·         Load articles, ads and photos into the desktop publishing application InDesign

Issuu is a maverick in the digital publishing space, allowing users to read content from more than 4.5 million publishers without charge and displaying upstart glossy magazines spine-to-spine with established ones. The acquisition of Magma advances its goal of creating delight for 60 million users who visit each month.

“Issuu is dedicated to collaboration, exceptional content and commitment to making sure all the hard work that goes into creating content is rewarded by a stream of interested readers,” said Ruben Bjerg Hansen, Issuu’s Chief Experience Officer.

“Magma is a simple, clever flat-planning service that empowers publishers of all sizes to collaborate and create the best possible publications. We welcome them in sharing our love and fascination for the publishing industry that has been the heart of Issuu since we wrote our first block of code.”

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