Digital Book World Conference & Expo

ABOUT: "The Digital Book World Conference + Expo is the premier event for publishers and content providers of all sizes and business models who plan to come out on top of publishing’s digital transformation.

"Stay nimble in this digital-first, global content market and capitalize on every opportunity, with the help of digital media’s most innovative thinkers and influencers. Get the perspective of both publishing leaders and visionaries from outside the industry.

"From metadata fixes and the latest technological advances, to content marketing that works and the newest business models, DBW is the nexus connecting all the important digital developments in the ever-evolving publishing business. This evolution is discussed and strategized in a networking-rich environment—by the people actually making it happen. Connect to and collaborate with those who are key to your future success. "

LOCATION: Hilton Midtown, New York, New York

WEBSITE: http://digitalbookworldconference.com/