ePub University to Offer eBook Seminars across America and Abroad

As eBooks are now entering the world of mainstream publishing, leading eBook software and conversion service producers have gathered to form ePub University to offer education and training in eBook Publishing.
ePub University will make its debut with a two-day training session at ePub Expo, October 31 through November 1, 2000 at the Millennium Hotel in New York City. ePub Expo is a new conference and trade exhibit for digital content providers managed by Reed Exhibition, owner and operator of BookExpo America.

Chartered this year, ePub University will be a series of seminars and workshops to be held in major US and European markets to provide training to those who seek to enter the world of eBook publishing and related technologies. ``The lessons learned in converting nearly a thousand books into eBook format for release at the Barnes & Noble eBook Superstore later this summer will be a case study for publishers and others that want to enter this marketplace,'' stated Cameron Kissel, ePub University's academic director. ``ePub U will provide hands-on training for the development of eBook products and other digital publications via workshops and demonstrations. We are assembling a world-class faculty of eBook pioneers from industry segments including publishing, e-commerce, technology, standards bodies and education,'' Kissel added.

Academic programs scheduled for the inaugural session include:
? Practices for converting backlist and legacy publications into eBook formats.
? Applying the Open eBook Specification and available tools and techniques.
* XML standards for preparing eBooks for e-commerce channels.
* Case studies on digital asset repositories for serving print and eBook channels.

``ePub Expo is pleased that ePub University will hold its first conference in connection with our event in New York,'' stated Mark Dressler, Director of Education for BookExpo America and programming director for ePub Expo. ``It compliments our focus by providing more specific hands-on information, benefiting those publishing professional who are charged with performing the technical tasks,'' added Dressler. ePub U plans to roll out these seminars in all major U.S. markets, as well as abroad, in the coming year. Free software tools, templates, and workbooks will be provided to those attending.

ePub University (Scientia est Potentia), founded this year, will be the hub of an instructional network designed to facilitate the sharing of eBook and digital publishing knowledge and information. ePub University will fulfill its mission through excellence in academic programs and teaching, in publication, and in service to the content and the global information community.