Midwest Writers Workshop

ABOUT:This workshop program is designed to give authors the professional guidance they need to succeed in today's publishing world. From the website:

"A dynamic day-and-a-half with a decidedly different structure—shorter, smaller, less expensive, with a strong emphasis on helping you reach your writing goals. This MWW Craft + Community super mini is designed for writers of every level in their careers.

Our programming focuses on key areas such as craft improvement, genre knowledge, finding critique partners, and forming writing support groups to help improve your writing. Get feedback from experts and friendly peers. Sharing your work and reading your work will allow you to pinpoint sagging plot lines, breaks in character and more. The give-and-take, along with honest feedback, is a win for all.

Whether you’re a published author or a novice exploring writing for the first time, you’ll find your place here, among teachers and fellow writers in a small group environment. It’s time to grow your network and nurture your identity as a writer. We have mentors to help."


LOCATION: Ball State University Alumni Center, Muncie, Indiana

WEBSITE: http://www.midwestwriters.org/