New Audio File Formats Offer Higher Sound Fidelity; New Content from NPR Added
Audible, Inc. has announced the introduction of three new audio file formats for listening to the extensive collection of premium spoken word audio from the company's Web site. Each of the three new codecs is optimized to play high quality downloaded audio on AudibleReady mobile audio players and personal computers, as well as for streaming audio titles with RealPlayer or Windows Media Player.

Audible's original, smaller file-size, fast download codec will continue to be offered along with the three new formats. All four codecs are also capable of playing spoken audio content at a personal computer using the AudibleManager(tm) desktop software, which helps manage audio downloads and both desktop and mobile listening.

Audible also announced the addition of flagship National Public Radio(r) (NPR(r)) programs Morning Edition(r), All Things Considered(r) and Talk of the Nation(r) to its existing base of public radio programs. is also offering the largest archive of work by documentary radio producers David Isay, Jay Allison, Joe Richman and Tony Kahn, who are frequent contributors to NPR's news magazines.

These new content providers are a significant addition to Audible's public radio offerings, which already consist of current and archived editions of Car Talk(r), Fresh Air(r) with Terry Gross, Marketplace, Garrison Keillor's monologues from A Prairie Home Companion, Rewind, The Todd Mundt Show, Science Friday (part of Talk of the Nation), Sound Money, To the Best of Our Knowledge, Counterspin, and Justice Talking, the first public radio program to premiere on the Web.