American Copy Editors Society Editing Boot Camp

ABOUT: If you are an editor or edit as part of your job, the American Copy Editors Society is hosting several boot camps to help you polish your skills in different locations this fall. The ACES Editing Boot Camps are presented by knowledgeable and experienced editors of ACES' executive leadership team, and will cover the basics of grammar and punctuation, clarity and accuracy, proofreading, headlines and style. The daylong trainings are designed to polish the editing skills of anyone who communicates professionally, including those in the media, publishing and communications, students and educators. This boot camp is a half day about Ethics in Analytics.


WEBSITE: https://aceseditors.org/training/boot-camps

OTHER LOCATIONS: Baltimore, Maryland - September 26, 2018
Denver, Colorado - October 8, 2018
Atlanta, Georgia - November 9, 2018