Company Says New Monthly Payment Plans Linked to Personal Listening Styles WillProvide Significant Customer Convenience And Value.
Audible, Inc. has announced the creation of AudibleListener(tm), a new service that provides customers with unprecedented choice and convenient access to more than 22,000 hours of spoken audio content. The material will be available at the Web site, starting in August 2000.

Three separate AudibleListener service plans will offer customers the opportunity to choose a monthly service that is geared to their personal listening styles:

The "Light Listener" service plan is designed for the user with limited time, who is interested in hearing best selling and classic audiobooks, lectures, speeches and motivational titles. For $9.95 per month, the "Light Listener" customer can choose any two audio titles. This represents a savings of at least 80% off the average retail price for the same content titles purchased as conventional audiobooks on tape.

The "Frequent Listener" service is for the value-minded Audible customer who has a long commute, travels often or wants to listen while exercising. For $19.95 a month, Frequent Listeners can enjoy as many as five audiobooks, lectures, speeches and motivational titles. This represents a savings of at least 84% off the average retail price for the same content titles purchased as conventional audiobooks on tape.

"Serious Listener" is for the real enthusiast. For $29.95 a month a customer can select up to five titles, as well as gain unlimited access to the Subscription Center that features a wide selection of both new and archived newspapers, magazines and public radio programs. The Subscription Center currently offers more than 30 regularly-recurring audio titles, including daily selected audio content from The Wall Street Journal and daily digests of The New York Times, San Jose Mercury News, Los Angeles Times, and Slate, as well as The Economist, The Industry Standard and Forbes. The weekly audio series RobinWilliams @, as well as on-demand public radio programs are also available and include Morning Edition(r), All Things Considered(r), Talk of the Nation(r) from NPR, This American Life and many more.

"Audible has always been a leader in deploying the efficiencies of Internet distribution of audio programming for its customers. Now AudibleListener will augment conventional "a la carte" shopping for audio titles with flat-rate models that will change the way our listeners think about, shop for and consume the spoken word from," stated Thomas Baxter, president and chief executive officer of Audible, Inc. "A program such as the "Frequent Listener" service can offer our customers - depending upon selection - more than one hundred dollars worth of audio for just $19.95."

"Audible was created with a deep commitment to protecting and augmenting revenues for professional creators of superior spoken information and entertainment audio," added Donald Katz, founder and chairman of Audible, Inc. "This commitment to the legal distribution of intellectual property allows the AudibleListener flat price initiative to benefit audio creators and our Audible customers alike."