2016 Illumination Awards Medalist & Press Page

Congratulations to all of this year's medalists in the Third Annual Illumination Book Awards - "Shining a light on exemplary Christian books!"

This year's 78 Illumination Award medals went to books from 27 U.S. states, Canada, and New Zealand. The diversity of Christian publishing was also demonstated by the fact that winners came not only from long-established publishers, but also from small presses and self-published authors.

Here is the official results press release from this year's contest.



Onward Christian Soldiers
Announcing the Medalists of the 2016 Illumination Book Awards

(Traverse City, MI) - Jenkins Group is proud to announce the winners of the 3rd Annual Illumination Book Awards, for books written and published with a Christian worldview. This year's 78 Illumination Award medals went to books from a wide geographic range of 27 U.S. states, plus Canada and New Zealand, and winners came not only from long-established publishers, but also from small presses and self-published authors. Christian publishing today is becoming more diverse and inclusive, but the focus remains the same: to bring inspiration and answers to millions of readers exploring their faith.

“It’s a very frightening world we live in, with violent conflicts occurring all around us, and good books can bring understanding and comfort,” says Awards Director Jim Barnes. “Christian authors use their storytelling and their voices as weapons – weapons of peace.”

Some of this year’s award-winning books reflect the “Christian Soldier” mentality, exploring the battles between good and evil, and faith and despair.

“The instant one becomes a Christian, one also becomes a warrior,” writes Robert Vera in the silver medal-winning book about wounded Navy Seal Ryan Job, A Warrior’s Faith (Nelson Books). “The essence of Christianity is love, which is constantly under attack, thus the war. God knows that we won’t win every battle. Still, he encourages us to stay in the fight.”

In gold medalist Did God Kill Jesus? (HarperOne), author Tony Jones explores the violent side of salvation: “In a surprising twist, the crucifixion is the solution to our violent tendencies. The crucifixion has created the possibility for us to be liberated from violence and enter into a life of peace. If we do not understand this, then we do not understand the cross at all: the crucifixion of Jesus must change the way we live.”

“There is hope for all,” exclaims Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt in Everyone Belongs to God (Plough Publishing House). “Hate the evil, but not the people who do evil. With the Savior, look past the ugly exterior of people’s lives and into their hearts. Have you ever looked into someone’s heart and found it to be unworthy of love?"

The list of Illumination Award winners includes many such transforming and inspiring books. To learn more about them or to contact any of the authors, visit the contest website, or the results page.


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“With the motto, ‘Shining a Light on Exemplary Christian Books,’ the Illumination Book Awards are intended to honor the best books published during the past year with a Christian worldview. Books have always been powerful tools for helping us understand Scripture and to explore various aspects of faith in a complicated world How does one choose the "winners" from the huge array of new titles released each year? The Illumination Book Awards are designed to "shine a light" on the best of them.