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13 Authors Who Hit the Big Time (After They Died)

An Infographic

In many artistic fields, success takes time - and writing is no exception. Many authors go years before seeing their work enjoy any commercial or literary success. Or, in the case of the authors below, success only came after their death. The folks over at The Expert Editor have put together another infographic, this time highlighting these posthumous success stories. 

If you’re a writer, it’s likely you’ve spent at least a few minutes fantasising about what it would be like to see your work skyrocket to the top of the bestseller lists around the world.

In reality, though, many (if not most) of the world’s most talented writers never find conventional success or even get their work published during their lifetimes.

Underappreciated literary geniuses can take comfort in one very special fantasy though—the glory of posthumous fame. Some of the world’s most beloved and widely read authors didn’t hit it big until years, or even decades, after their deaths.

Most of them had a pretty good sense of irony, so they probably would have appreciated the twist.

In this infographic, The Expert Editor presents 13 authors who made it big after they died.

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