Poets.org and Poem-a-Day Needs Your Help

Attention Poetry Lovers! Here's a year-end letter from the director of Poets.org, the online heart and soul of poetry in America:

"Each morning, when you open your Poem-a-Day email or visit Poets.org to read that day’s featured work, you are not alone. In fact, you are part of a large community of readers engaging with, studying, reflecting on, and celebrating a poet’s work.

"Thanks to your support, we are the leading daily publisher of new poems by today’s poets reaching an unmatched, nationwide audience.

"In the next few weeks we must raise at least another $30,000 to underwrite Poem-a-Day and our free publications in the year ahead. Unlike other organizations, we don’t have an endowment supporting this work. Poem-a-Day and Poets.org are powered by you, our patrons and members who share our belief that poetry matters. Would you take a moment to help us today?

"I hope you find comfort in knowing that as you are reading or writing poems, you are not alone. As Lucille Clifton wrote:

     when i stand around
     among poets, sometimes
     i hear a single music
     in us, one note
     dancing us through the
     singular moving world

"We are working tirelessly to promote poets and poetry, and share more poems with more readers each week. I’m grateful to be standing with you."




Jennifer Benka,
Executive Director