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The Frankfurt Book Fair has long been known as a champion for freedom of expression. The International Centre will act as a forum for debates and presentations, a platform for writers and the somewhat different version of the spoken word, a venue for discussion of topical issues facing the book trade and publishing all over the world, a meeting place for trade visitors, the press and general public - visit the International Centre in Hall 9 at the Frankfurt Book Fair!

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The Latest in Electronic Media at the Frankfurt Book Fair

The Electronic Media and their influence on publishing have been one of the most important factors in the recent development of the industry -- and it also presented a challenge to the Frankfurt Book Fair, the world's largest meeting of book and media professionals.

e-books, print-on-demand, cross-media production, e-commerce, content management, Web-based learning - these are the catchwords linking the names, backgrounds and products that make up the market place of electronic opportunities at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The suppliers of e-contents are scattered all over the Book Fair, so that the Frankfurt Book Fair has become the world's largest market place for electronic publishing.

For this reason, in 1993 the Frankfurt Book Fair introduced a separate group for Electronic Media, once again taking the lead in the industry. As a service provider for all producers, distributors, dealers and users of information and ideas -- in short, content -- the Book Fair always strives to support exhibitors and visitors in the pursuit of their most pertinent business interests.

With more than 80 per cent of the world„s rights and licenses in publishing being transacted at Frankfurt and some 160,000 attendants during the trade visitors' days, the fair proved what it has to offer to everyone in the publishing industry: in 1999 nearly 2000 exhibitors seized these unique opportunities and presented their electronic publishing products, making Frankfurt the market leader for exhibitions of Electronic Publishing world wide.

Books and Electronic Media complement one another, and constantly become more useful and important and useful for one another. Electronic Media has definitely found its place at the Frankfurt Book Fair, so for multimedia professionals worldwide, the Frankfurt Book Fair is the obvious place to be. This is where the classic book publishers come to meet up with the producers and suppliers of new media. This is where partnerships are forged for new projects: print-on-demand suppliers, e-book professionals, multimedia creators and suppliers for rights and document management are all concentrated in one hall.

As visitors to the Frankfurt Book Fair, you can experience the entire range of opportunities offered by the electronic media, both in the respective subject halls and in the Electronic Media hall itself. This is where you can form a picture of the entire range of the latest developments. Every year, the Electronic Media's special focus highlights trends and promotes discussion of the issues involved. The special theme in 2000 is "New Books - New Shops - New Jobs."

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For general information visit the Frankfurt Book Fair website, phone 49 69 2102 263/284, or send an email.

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