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"Fascination Comics" Project at Frankfurt Book Fair 2000

Because of its innovative and progressive content, the comic book has developed from a medium for children into an art form that is taken seriously by adults as well. There are rapid changes both in terms of content and the commercial situation. The scene is in a constant state of flux.

Recognizing this development, the Frankfurt Book Fair is this year launching a three-year project entitled "Fascination Comics". Preparations are under way for the creation of a platform for writers, artists, publishers, booksellers, agents and illustrators from all over the world.

The main point of contact will be the Comics Centre in Hall 4.1, where visitors will be offered a wide-ranging program of talks, autographing sessions and exhibitions. There will also be an international Readers' Corner for hands-on browsing through the comics on display, an Info Point with all the answers to all the questions about comics, a multimedia stand and a Comics Cafe.

The editors of the specialty comics magazine "Zack" will produce a newsletter every day at the fair, with all the most important details of everything that happens in Hall 4.1.

Thirty exhibitors from the comics sector have booked stands in the area surrounding the Comics Centre, among them the most important German comics publishers.

Please send your suggestions and concepts to:

Birgit Fricke

Click here for a complete listing of events in the Comics Centre.

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For general information visit the Frankfurt Book Fair website, phone 49 69 2102 263/284, or send an email.

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