"Everybody Comes to Frankfurt Because Everybody Comes to Frankfurt".

Daily words of wisdom about doing the book business better. This month: Doing the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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Daily words of wisdom about doing the book business better. This month: Doing the Frankfurt Book Fair.
The Frankfurt Book Fair Fellowship Program

An invitation to participate in successful new support program for up-and-coming international publishing executives.

"I know more now about the German book market than about the Chinese!" was the trenchant from Gu Quan from Peking University Press in China, summing up the success of the Frankfurt Fellowship Program after she had visited publishing companies in several German cities, taken part in a concentrated series of talks, and attended the 51st Frankfurt Book Fair as a Guest of Honor.

First launched in 1998 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Frankfurt Fellowship Program has been an immediate success in its first two years of existence. The aim is to support the up-and-coming generation of executives from the international publishing community and to promote networking between them and the most important institutions within the German and international publishing industry.

This prestigious program was available for the third time in 2000. The focus is on providing information, facilitating professional dialogue and networking. The Frankfurt Book Fair Fellowship Program offers a program of specialist events in Frankfurt as well as visits to the most important centers of German publishing, such as Berlin and Munich. Publishing professionals give an overview of the German book market and talk to the Fellows about their own experiences. The Fellows are Guests of Honor at all events at the 52nd Frankfurt Book Fair. It is also possible to make individual arrangements for Fellows with the necessary knowledge of German to stay on for longer as interns with a German publishing company.

A committee made up of international members proposes candidates and advises on selection. The Frankfurt Book Fair organizes and finances the Fellows' stay. Annual reunions of former Fellows at the Frankfurt Book Fair and a newsletter help Fellows to keep in touch.

Application forms can be obtained from the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Frankfurt Book Fair
International Division
Ms. Ruth Kumpmann
Tel: ++49-69-2102-211
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e-mail: kumpmann@book-fair.com

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For general information visit the Frankfurt Book Fair website, phone 49 69 2102 263/284, or send an email.

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