Create a Life That Tickles Your Soul

Have you ever wished you could shift gears and lead a more satisfying life? Do you sense that something's missing from your life, but you're not quite sure what? This book helps answer those questions, through simple to understand methods of self-assessment, and offers exercises and techniques to help us follow through on what we learn about ourselves. From the chapter entitled, "Dream 'Til You Get Light-headed," here is an Action Objectives List for a Goal of Less Stress:Drink only two caffeine drinks per day.... Sleep at least seven hours every weeknight....Listen to uplifting audio tapes weekly....Meditate for 30 minutes 3 times per week....Exercise 30 minutes 3 times per week.... Work a maximum of 50 hours per week....Delegate one administrative task a month....Work from home one day a week.

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A Joyful Holiday

What if you trimmed your holiday list of things to do...?
A Joyful Holiday
by Suzanne Zoglio

'Tis the season to be jolly
Or so the tradition goes.
Yet my head is simply spinning
And my list just seems to grow.

If only I had more time to shop
And another whole month to cook.
If only I dared to change some things,
Instead of doing holiday-by-the-book!

What if that fruitcake never got baked
And a few less cards were written?
Suppose we skipped a party or two,
And a few less gifts were given?

What if I trimmed my list of "shoulds"
And made time to bring joy to a child?
Suppose I bought only pre-wrapped gifts
And then visited an elder for a while?

Suppose instead of facing traffic hassles,
And an overcrowded mall,
I shopped online, ordered by phone,
Made a few things, simple and small?

What if we planned a night by the fire,
Then a walk to view holiday lights?
Perhaps a visit to our place of worship
Would help everyone feel less uptight.

Suppose instead of worrying about
All the things that must be done,
I stopped to hear the music, feel the love,
And meet with friends for fun?

What if this year I do things differently,
And spread all the joy that is free?

Yes...that's it. That's the key!
I'll give from the heart, give thanks for
what I've got, and make room for
PEACE underneath the tree.


Reprinted with permission from Suzanne W. Zoglio, Ph.D., author of Create A Life That Tickles Your Soul and Recharge in Minutes. Visit her online at