International eBook Award Foundation Announces Frankfurt eBook Award Submission Criteria

New Award Criteria for 2001 includequality of writing, effort to reach new audiences, and technical enhancements in the presentation.
The International eBook Award Foundation has announced submission criteria for the 2001 Frankfurt eBook Awards. These awards are designed to recognize e-publishing and technology achievements in the burgeoning electronic book industry. Sponsored by IeBAF, a total of six awards are presented annually for several categories, including a Grand Prize of $50,000 each for a fiction and non-fiction eBook. Submissions for the Frankfurt eBook Awards Since the Frankfurt eBook Award was first announced in October 1999, award criteria have evolved, as expected, keeping pace with technological and creative advances in the eBook industry. A new international panel of judges from a variety of disciplines, including academia, the media, authors and other publishing industry professionals, will determine winning entries in the following categories:

Grand Prize for Fiction eBook, $ 50,000 USD

Grand Prize for Non-fiction eBook, $ 50,000 USD

Best Fiction eBook, $ 10,000 USD

Best Non-fiction eBook, $ 10,000 USD

Best eBook Technology, $ 10,000 USD

Best Children's eBook*

*Further information regarding the Children's eBook Award will be announced at a later date.

The eBooks must be nominated by a publisher. Award monies will be presented to eBook authors. Eligible publishers are those entities that are in the active business of publishing and have published at least ten different titles (in print or electronic format) in the past year. Publishers may submit up to ten total entries in any one category. In keeping with the international growth of the eBook world, submissions will be accepted in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. For titles in any of those languages to be qualified for judging, there must be fifty valid entries submitted in that language. The Technology Award entries must be submitted in English.

Grand Prize-winning eBooks must include technical enhancements that distinguish it from a paper book. The IeBAF supports the Open eBook Standard and encourages publishers to make their titles available in multiple formats. Submissions for the Frankfurt eBook Award will be accepted in any of the following formats: Pdf (Glassbook), .rb (REB 1100/1200), and .lit (MSreader).

Alberto Vitale, former Chairman and CEO of Random House, serves as Chairman of the International eBook Award Foundation, which will select the judges who determine the winners and present the honors. "As we embark on another year, it is our mission to work with publishers, authors, and content providers as a catalyst to promote enhanced eBook technology, and to increase the visibility of this exciting market," Vitale said. "Our goal is to have the eBook embraced as a new and enticing reading format by both trade and educational publishers, and of course by consumers."

The second annual Frankfurt eBook Awards will be presented on the evening of October 10, 2001, during a ceremony at the Frankfurt Opera House. "We are especially pleased to be returning to the Frankfurt Book Fair because it captures the truly international reach of electronic reading and reflects the worldwide phenomenon of eBook publishing," said Roxanna Frost, President and Executive Director of the International eBook Award Foundation. "We anticipate a strong field of submissions this year, as increasing numbers of publishers create eBooks."

"In addition to the continuing focus on the quality and integrity of the writing, the Judges will be looking for enhanced eBooks, ones that take full advantage of the technical possibilities this new medium provides. Such enhancements not only increase the value of the content, they also add new dimensions to the reading experience," said Peter Mollman, Judging Director for the IeBAF Foundation.

"It is a tremendously innovative time in the publishing field," said Walter Anderson, Chairman, CEO and publisher of Parade Publications and a member of the IeBAF Board of Directors. "eBooks offer publishers of all sizes the opportunity to offer intellectual content with enhancements that readers have never before seen, while revising their business model in ways that benefit the bottom line."

An independent nonprofit organization, the IeBAF created the Frankfurt eBook Award to focus industry attention on eBooks and the vitality of this medium within the publishing industry. Further information is available in the IeBAF Submission Document and on the Frankfurt eBook Awards website. The site includes complete submission criteria, entry formats for the awards, and other information regarding the Foundation.