Business Leaders Join Advisory Board

Members Bring Publishing and Computing Expertise to Rights Marketplace, a leading online rights marketplace, has announced the formation of a new Board of Advisors. The Board is composed of leading publishing and technology executives and provides strategic exposure in the publishing and financial communities. Specifically, the Board is composed of:

Terry Dwyer, Former General Manager, MacMillan, Inc. and former CEO, (acquired by BUY.COM) [NASDAQ: BUYX]
Edward Feighan, Former U.S. Congressman and former CEO, Century Business Services, Inc. [NASDAQ: CBIZ]
Bill Gladstone, Founder and President, Waterside Productions, the premiere literary agency for computer and technology books
Bob LiVolsi - Former Senior VP, Crossroads Systems, Inc. [NASDAQ: CRDS]
Tom Pomeroy - Founder, SoftBook Press (acquired by Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc.) [NASDAQ: GMST]
Kenzi Sugihara - Former VP, Random House and Publisher,

"This is a world-class group of business and publishing leaders," said Nick Bogaty, President of "The Board will solidify our vision and resources."

"This group of leaders represents some of the most talented and important members of the publishing and technology communities," said Eric Miller,'s Chief Executive Officer. "They will work with us to develop and broadcast our strategic initiatives and vision to the publishing community." has established strategic relationships with industry leaders including the National Writers Union, SPAN,, Waterside Productions, Combined Book Exhibit, Quality Solutions, and Foreword Magazine. is an efficient, easy-to-use rights marketplace where publishers, agents, scouts and authors can actually close rights deals online. The company is headquartered in New York City with offices in Austin, Texas and Barcelona, Spain.