DigitalOwl and Independent Publishers Group (IPG) strike eBook sales and distribution alliance

"Independent publishers have a track record of being more aggressive about testing new online marketing models than the mainstream publishing industry," says Web-marketing expert.
DigitalOwl, the first digital rights management company to mobilize and market digital information through targeted Web sites and handheld devices, has announced the addition of Independent Publishers Group to its growing selection of content partners.

The alliance strengthens DigitalOwl's presence as a premiere content marketing and secure digital delivery firm and provides consumers with top-quality professional eBooks from a variety of independent publishing houses. The eBooks, which range in price from $10 to $40, include works from noteworthy authors, such as Marcia Yudkin, Stephen Nelson and Jan Axelson, and will be marketed through DigitalOwl's retail network of Web sites and vertical marketplaces.

Featured among the first wave of 40 titles for the month of March is Nelson's popular Effective Executive series by Redmond Technology Press, which provides guides to some of the latest, most prevalent software, such as PowerPoint 2000, Project 2000 and FrontPage Web Sites. Other IPG titles include MBA's Guide to the Internet, 101 Ways to Promote Your Web Site, Internet Marketing for Less than $500 A Year, Cakewalk Power! and The Microcontroller Idea Book.

"Our titles and authors are in demand, and DigitalOwl provides an efficient means to get these books to the people who want them, when they want them," said Curt Matthews, chief executive officer of IPG. "By raising the awareness of IPG through its digital distribution channels, DigitalOwl gives us exactly what we need: broader reach for our in-depth specialty titles."

DigitalOwl's patent-pending KineticEdge(tm) digital rights management and delivery system protects copyrights for publishers while creating broader revenue opportunities through a retail network of niche Web sites, portals and vertical marketplaces. Consumers may preview, purchase and download the IPG titles from the Web site and through a variety of online retail eBookstores at specialty Web sites such as,,,, and

"Independent publishers have a track record of being more aggressive about testing new online marketing models than the mainstream publishing industry," said Anne Holland, editor-in-chief of, a marketing media newsletter, and president of, a content consultant for publishers and Web sites. "I suspect a lot of (independent publishers) will be very interested in testing this service."

Kirstie Chadwick, DigitalOwl's CEO, cites the variety of independent publishers in this deal as testament to the power and practicality of digital distribution. DigitalOwl's focus on professional information content continues a trend toward intelligence marketing that the company expects to drive revenues in 2001. "The Internet provides a framework to find valuable information content, but someone has to get that content where it needs to be," Chadwick said. "IPG has a proud tradition of finding and developing quality authors and publishers, and DigitalOwl is excited to promote and sell that intelligence on demand."