EPIC, the Electronically Published Internet Connection, Presents Nominees for EPPIE-2001 Awards

The Cyber-Envelopes, Please...
The nominees for EPPIE-2001 Awards are:

1. Action/Adventure:
A Glass Darkly by Ariana Overton (Clocktower Books)
Glass House by Ariana Overton (Clocktower Books)
The Mannerheim Line by Jacques Evans (Elwood Ebooks)
The Pirates Of Solomon's Toes by Josh Hardin (Wordbeams)
The Post Office by Nick Mandilas (Jacobyte Books)

2. Anthology:
A Creative Edge:
Tales of Speculation by Steve Lazarowitz (Crossroads Publishing)
The Lives of Ghosts and Other Shades of Memory by Loren Cooper (Abby The Troll Publications)
Merry Musings:
A Holiday Anthology (Wordbeams)
Striking Back From Down Under by Bob Rich (Bookmice)
Unnatural Selection:
A Collection of Darwinian Nightmares by Gord Rollo (LTD Books)

3. Children's:
Fred Stays With Me by Nancy Coffelt (See Spot Books)
I'm With My Mom On Sundays by Valerie Hardin (Saint Street Publications)
The Lonely Snowman by Dicksie Dudeney (Crossroads Publications)
Real Soon, Racoon by Roger Sperberg & Jill Kimball (Watchung Plaza Books)
Sounds I Hear by Jennifer L.B. Leese (Wordbeams)
A Tale From Lavallah by Dawn Reno (Books On Screen)

4. Contemporary Romance:
The Attraction Factor by Cathy McDavid (Avid Press)
Cajun Hot by Nikita Black (Dreams Unlimited)
On Wings Of Love by Kate Douglas (Hard Shell Word Factory)
Proud Mari by Kathryn North (Hard Shell Word Factory)
Vows And The Vagabond by Karen Wiesner (Hard Shell Word Factory)

5. Fantasy:
A Fine Impersonation by K.G. McAbee (Abby The Troll Publications)
Guardian Of The Continuum by Joey Hill (Dark Star Publications)
How To Rescue A Dead Princess by Jeff Strand (Hard Shell Word Factory)
The Wages Of Greed by Kate Saundby (Crossroads Publications)
Wintertide by Megan Sybil Baker (LTD Books)

6. Fantasy/Paranormal Romance:
Crystal Legacy:
Heart Of The Myst - by Angelica Hart & Paul Porter (New Concepts Publishing)
The Eternal Trust by Melinda Rucker Haynes (Hard Shell Word Factory)
Ripples by Anne Manning (Hard Shell Word Factory)
Star Child by Katriena Knights (Dreams Unlimited)
Star Kissed by Lanette Curington (Dancing Willow Publications)

7. Historical:
Lion Of Scythia by Max Overton (Clocktower Books)
Prince Of Shadows by C. Anne Williams (LTD Books)
Sins Of The Father by Trace Edward Zaber (Pulsar Books)
Slapstick by Laura Mazzuca Toops (LTD Books)
The Threshing Floor by E.L. Noel (Crossroads Publications)

8. Historical Romance:
Fire Dance by Nadele Jacobs - (Awe-Struck Books)
Highland Barter by Anne DeBragh - (Bookmice)
Knight's Desire by Elizabeth Taylor George - (LionHearted Publishing)
Love From The Ashes by Denise Agnew (Starlight Writer Publications)
Rawhide Surrender by Elysa Hendricks (Hard Shell Word Factory)

9. Horror:
Blood Born by Christine Miller (Atlantic Bridge Publishing)
Butterfly House by T.K. Sheils (LTD Books)
Grimm by Howard Hopkins & Link Hullar (Dancing Willow Publishing)
Incubus by Charlotte Dobson (Hard Shell Word Factory)
The Room Of Shrunken Souls by Michael Cale (LTD Books)

10. Inspirational:
Heart Patrol by Ruby Lee Schneider (Awe-Struck Books)
Joy To The World by Deborah Milton (Page Free Publishing)
A Time To Dance by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer (Awe-Struck Books)
WYSIWYG by Elaine Hopper - Published by Awe-Struck Books You Call This Love? by Deborah Milton (Page Free Publishing)

11. Mystery:
The Devil Is In The Details by Ariana Overton (Clocktower Books)
Diamondback by Elizabeth Dearl (Avid Press)
Knyght & O'Day by Brian Lawrence (Gemini Books)
Murder Online by Beth Anderson (Clocktower Books)
Search For The Sun by Ellen Anthony (Wordbeams)

12. Non-Fiction:
Anger & Anxiety:
Be In Charge Of Your Emotions by Dr. Bob Rich (Red-e2.com)
Cycling To The Source Of The Mississippi River by Barbara Mary Johnson (Hard Shell Word Factory)
Electronic Publishing:
The Definitive Guide 2000 by Karen Wiesner (Avid Press)
Gifts For The Goddess On An Autumn Afternoon by Lorna Tedder & Aislinn Bailey (Spilled Candy Books)
A Step Forward In Interior Design by Carol Poile-Ballweg (Elwood Ebooks)

13. Poetry:
An American Papyrus by Steven Sills (Word Wrangler)
Cancer Stick by Coke Brown (Word Wrangler)
Drowning Little Fireflies by Rick Lawley (SynergEbooks)
Just Something I Said by Lissa Mitchell (Jacobyte Books)
Psychosis by Brenda Roberts (Word Wrangler)

14. Romantic Suspense:
Byte Me by Pauline Baird Jones (Hard Shell Word Factory)
Chasing A Dream by Beth Cornelison (Avid Press)
Do Wah Diddy...Die by Pauline Baird Jones (Starlight Writer Publications)
Honeysuckle Rose by Kate Douglas (Hard Shell Word Factory)
Shadow Of A Doubt by Karen McCullough (Dreams Unlimited)

15. Science Fiction:
A Circle of Arcs by Kate Saundby (Crossroads Publications)
The End Of Science Fiction by Sam Smith (Jacobyte Books)
Highlord Of Darkness by Christine Murphy (Hard Shell Word Factory)
Sleeper, Awake by Dr. Bob Rich (Clocktower Books)
Zollocco by Cynthia Joyce Clay (Bookbooters)

16. Single Title/Mainstream:
Against The Wind by Kim Middleton (Jacobyte Books)
Bells Across The Ice by Jamie Mayhew (Elwood eBooks)
Bumblebee's Sting by Stabler Rowe (Elwood eBbooks)
Misfeasance by Stabler Rowe (Elwood eBooks)
Whiteout by Vicki Delany (Bookmice)

17. Thriller:
Force Of Fire by Rosa Turner Knapp (Pulsar Books)
Foxglove by Dawn Reno (Bookmice)
No Other Recourse by Eddie Price (Elwood Ebooks)
Nowhere To Hide by Joan Hall Hovey (Clocktower Books)
One Dark And Stormy Night by Don & Linda Pendleton (Mystic Ink)

18. Young Adult:
After Always by Dawn Reno (Avid Press)
Camp Cheer by Betty Jo Schuler (Wordbeams)
Elrod McBugle On The Loose by Jeff Strand (DiskUs Publishing)
Finding Mariah by Eloise Barton (Hard Shell Word Factory)
Nothing Stays The Same by Gaile Radley (Bookmice)

19. Spectrum Award for best cover art:
Facade, Trace Edward Zaber, artist (Dark Star Publications)
Listen to the Shadows, Ardy Newman Scott, artist (Clocktower Books)
Shadows in the Mist, Diane Augustine Grau, artist (Avid Press)
Sins of the Father, Trace Edward Zaber, artist (Pulsar Books)
Trapdoor, Ardy Newman Scott, artist (Clocktower Books)
Walk in Moonlight, Trace Edward Zaber, artist (Avid Press)
Whiteout, Mary Z. Wolf, artist (Hard Shell Word Factory)

20. Florence Moyer Service Award nominees:
Ginny McBlain
Linda Slater
Patricia White
Karen Wiesner
Betty Kasischke