Book Jacket Design Competition Launches Fall Season

Two independent presses committed to bringing new and talented voices to the literary marketplace celebrate joining forces with contest.
Not only will this fall be the first season of the combined forces of MacMurray & Beck and MacAdam/Cage Publishing, but it will be the first time either of them have ever left the ultimate fate of a book cover into the hands of the beholder.

To start off their fall season with a bang, the new publishing team has decided to hold a cover jacket design contest for their first title, Pretty Is As Pretty Does, a first novel by Alison Clement. The contest will begin in April, taking place in the San Francisco Bay Area. The deadline for entries is May 11, 2001. An announcement of the contest has been made in the local media.

Advance reading copies will available at these participating Bay Area locations: Stacey's Bookstore (San Francisco), City Lights (San Francisco), DIESEL: A Bookstore (Oakland), A Clean, Well Lighted Place for Books (San Francisco), Book Passage (Corte Madera) and Cody's Books (Berkeley).

Pretty Is As Pretty Does is about a local beauty queen Lucy Fooshee, who reigns over the small Midwestern town of Palmyra, Illinois, where behavior is carefully prescribed and expectations are strictly limited. Newly married to the second richest farmer in the county, she's envied by the town's women, and admired by the men. She has stylish clothes, a nice house, a slim figure and full lips. Lucy thinks she has everything until Billy Lee-a stranger with no prospects-leads her to what she really wants.

The author, Alison Clement, is a former waitress, bartender, housepainter, and fruit picker who now lives the quiet life of an elementary school librarian. Raised in the South, Alison moved to a small town in Illinois when she was fifteen. She now lives in Oregon with her partner, forest and labor activist Chuck Willer, and their two children, Charlotte and William. Her writing has appeared in The Sun, High Country News, and The Alaska Quarterly Review.

For further rules and details about the contest, please contact the MacMurray & Beck and MacAdam/Cage San Francisco office at (415) 986-7502.