Introducing Webcasting For BookExpo America Exhibitors

Extend The Reach Of Your Marketing Message
Get More from BookExpo America!
When exhibiting, you bring your new products and your best people to Chicago. You convene your press activities and conduct author interviews. When the event is over, you dismantle your booth and disperse your staff until next year.

What if you could let booksellers/buyers see what you presented at BookExpo America for six months? What if you could also reach a larger group of buyers than those able to attend the event?

Now You Can! Introducing Webcasting-the audio/video capture of your booth presentation hosted on the internet-and supported by extensive marketing to drive viewership.

How It Works:
* Professional producer helps you plan your webcast message content before the event (content like a new product introduction, product demonstration, press conference, CEO message to industry, etc.).
* On-site, professional production crew spends 45 minutes at your booth video-taping your message.
* Video is edited for up to five-minutes of webcast content.
* You review and approve the webcast before it is available to be viewed on Internet.
* Approximately five days after the show, your webcast is on the Internet for public viewing.
* Your webcast remains live for six months or 2,000 views (that can be extended for an additional fee).
* Webcast URL is linked to BookExpo America website and can be linked to your website.

All webcasts will be produced by C3 Media Solutions, a professional video production organization best known for its work on Court TV.

Partners In Driving Quality Viewers To Your Webcast
Reed Exhibitions, organizers of BookExpo America, and Publishers Weekly have developed a new webcasting program to drive viewers to your webcast. Your webcast will receive added exposure before, during and after the event, including:

* Exposure in the on-site press room to advise the industry press about the webcasts and encourage post show coverage.
* On-site informational signage to generate attendee awareness and encourage them to view webcasts.
* Webcast announcements highlighted in upcoming issues of PW Daily, reaching 14,000 additional e-mail contacts.
* Post-show e-mails after the event to all show attendees with webcast links of participating exhibitors. Recipients can pass-along the webcast to colleagues that could not attend BookExpo America.
* Post-show e-mails to all registrants that did not attend the show. This audience was not seen at the show.
* Post-show press releases will advise the press about the webcasts and encourage editorial coverage in post show recap issues.
* Hotlinks will be setup from BookExpo America website to webcast URLs.

For details on BookExpo America Webcasting contact:
Howard Friedman: 800-843-5599 x 5933 or +1 203-840-5933