"Fascination Comics" Builds On Last Year's Success at Frankfurt Book Fair

Well-known guests such as Art Spiegelman and Moebius, diversity of contents from authors' comics to mangas, exhibitions, autographing sessions and debates provide an overview of this popular market.
If you don't take comics seriously, they won't be any fun. On this principle, the 53rd Frankfurt Book Fair aims to build on last year's success.

Authors' comics and graphic novels, superheroes and mangas, fantasy, science fiction and adventure, funnies, comic and cartoon strips - there are so many sides to the world of stories told in pictures. The focal theme "Fascination Comics" shows them all. In the Comic Centre in Hall 3.0 F 104, discussions, talks, workshops and events will pick up on all the relevant aspects of this genre.

The comics market is on the move. Never before in the 100-year history of cartoon pictures has Germany seen such a huge selection of different genres with so many titles. But can demand keep up with this supply? This will be one of the controversial questions to be looked at during the Book Fair.

Among the well-known figures who have agreed to be here for autographing sessions and talks, Pulitzer Prize winner Art Spiegelman ("Mouse") and Moebius/Jean Giraud will be sharing a platform for the first time ever here at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Art Spiegelman is one of the most outstanding and versatile cartoon artists of the present day. Apart from what is probably his most important work, "Mouse", the story of the Jewish father during the time of the Holocaust, Spiegelman has also made a name for himself as a children's book illustrator and with his drawings for the New Yorker.

Moebius/Jean Giraud is introduced with an exhibition of his lifework. The range on show here includes pages and sketches from his best-known series "Blueberry", the quintessential western comic, and "John Difool", the space-age private detective of the future, as well as examples of his advertising work and illustrations for his own publishing company, Edition Stardom.

Other exhibitions, the international Readers' Corner and the Comic Café encourage interested visitors to look, browse and read. The Info Point has expert answers to all possible questions. Plus: surfing at the computer terminal, autographing sessions and interviews with artists from all over the world.