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"We, The Screenwriter" now shooting...

Documentary features 20 of today’s leading feature-length and episodic television entertainment writers.
Independent filmmaker Michael Steven Gregory has begun production on the follow-up to his acclaimed documentary, WE, THE WRITER, which has been called "Possibly the greatest conversation about writing ever overheard!" The second installment in a planned 5-part series, WE, THE SCREENWRITER features 20 of today's leading feature-length and episodic television entertainment writers. Among them are screenwriters whose credits include AIR BUD, ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, LEGALLY BLONDE, LETHAL WEAPON, THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 2, PACIFIC HEIGHTS, SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED, STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT, ROSWELL, TALES FROM THE CRYPT, the next Tom Clancy film, THE SUM OF ALL FEARS, and many others.

Like the first film WE, THE SCREENWRITER focuses less on "how to be a successful writer" so much as it does on actually being a professional writer working in today's industry. Also, as with WE, THE WRITER, distribution for WE, THE SCREENWRITER will be handled by Gregory's company, Random Cove, LLC, going primarily to college and university writing programs and public library systems nationwide.

An award-winning writer-director of film & TV, Michael Steven Gregory is president of Random Cove, LLC, executive director of the Southern California Writers' Conference in San Diego, and screenwriting instructor at the University of Southern California San Diego.

For more information contact Michael Steven Gregory at (619) 282-2983, e-mail, or go online to