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E-Book News - Warren Adler Plans Quick Release of Book to Help Explain Cults and Terrorism; Reports on "Big Questions" Conference at Frankfurt Book Fair

Adler Will Use ePublishing Technology to Speed Book into Readers' Hands; Says eBooks are Alive and Well
Because of the long lead-time required by traditional publishers, Warren Adler has decided to publish a completely new novel, Cult, using eBook and print-on-demand publishing technology. The book was written a couple of years ago and never published.

"But the events of September 11th have prompted me to publish," says Adler. "It is time people began to understand and take seriously the threat posed by cults, their cynical and manipulative leaders and the people who fall into their net. Those who perpetrated the September 11th murders were brainwashed and programmed to commit horrendous deeds on the command of their megalomaniac leaders."

Adler says there are thousands of cults in the United States and in many other countries. They all employ similar tactic based on the principles of mind control and obedience. "To most of us, the process of brainwashing is a mystery," he says.

"Cult is the story of a man trying to rescue his wife from an imaginary cult and the impossible challenges he is forced to confront. It is told through the eyes of his former lover, a woman who doubts that such a mind control process really exists. Aside from being a suspenseful read, it should provide some insight into the phenomenon that shocked us out of our complacency on September 11th. With a little luck the novel should be ready by Christmas."

The book will be available through, as is his entire collection, such as the smash hit War of the Roses and his newest release, Mourning Glory.

eBooks are Alive and Well
"Anyone who tells you that eBooks are expiring hasn't a clue to what's happening in the world," writes Adler. "I've just returned from Frankfurt where I was one of the panelists at the Big Questions Conference which explored the future of new technologies and how they will impact the book business, publishers and authors." Read the report, "Screen Time Or Smokescreen?" the Publishers Weekly contribution to the Big Questions conference (registration required). The article gives a summary of e-publishing technology, and judges how e-books are faring in the genres of travel, education, and fiction.

"In general terms, the answer lies in the question of time. There was overall agreement that sometime in the future eBooks will dominate the marketplace. The issue was "when." Considering the new reader-friendly devices now rolling into the marketplace and the exciting creative technologies emerging, anyone writing off eBooks, like some of our friends in the media, has their heads in the sand."

"There is, of course, a generational issue. People over 50 are still emotionally attached to paper books but even that is changing as more and more folks of that age discover the convenience of handheld devices for transportability and reading. As we go younger on the age scale, more and more people are coming into the market and downloading and enjoying eBooks. 'It's the content stupid,' to paraphrase that old campaign chestnut."

"As the only author present and apparently the only author in the world who has put all of his books in every eBook format including print-on-demand (through both Ingram and Baker & Taylor subsidiaries), I have already begun to see a revenue flow emerging. I am particularly struck by the Palm experience where sales are accelerating remarkably through Palm Digital Media and Fictionwise."

"It is still too early to see how this bet of mine will play out finally, but I can state unequivocally that books that have lain fallow on the shelves of my library for years are now out there finding new readers daily. A family of readers is developing and, so far, I am gratified by the results."

* * * * *

Fictionwise is now offering Warren Adler's short stories to readers as individual downloads. These stories were written about the Washington scene when his wife Sunny edited Dossier Magazine, once the "bible" of social life in the Nation's Capital. "Some day I had hoped to incorporate them in their own volume, but the new technology has come along and given me an opportunity to share them with others," says Adler.

* * * * *

Warren Adler's novels have been translated into more than two dozen languages and two have become major motion pictures, the classic "The War of the Roses" starring Michael Douglas and "Random Hearts" starring Harrison Ford. The Sunset Gang was a critical and popular success and has played many times all over the world. It was as a trilogy on PBS, produced by Linda Lavin and starring a stellar cast including Uta Hagen, Ron Rifkin, Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara and Doris Roberts.

Mr. Adler is currently one of the few, perhaps the only novelist in the world that has created a complete eBook library of his works which are available world-wide on every existing electronic platform (click here for platform listing and links) for Microsoft Reader, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Gemstar, Palm, PocketPCs, Franklin eBookman, hiebook and other eBook publishing venues. They will be available soon in most languages and in audio. All of his titles are in print in both hardcover and trade paperback and are available wherever books are sold.