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Leigh Cohn took three of his wife's 30-page pamphlets on bulimia and combined them into a single book. They added resources, a two-week program to stop bingeing and a guide for support groups. Lindsey Hall's 160-page Bulimia; A Guide to Recovery has been through five revised editions for more than 100,000 copies in print. Since then, they have written nine books, established their own publishing company with more than 20 titles currently in print, launched an eating disorder resource catalog, and published a clinical newsletter.

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Book Publishing Tips of the Day

Daily words of wisdom from Dan Poynter and other publishing industry experts. (Search on "tip" in archives for complete list.) - Today's Tip from Poynter: Make Your Book Worth the Money -- "Size matters."

If your book is under 100 pages, it will not command the price you must get for your work. But do not pad your work with unnecessary extra writing. To lengthen your book, add resources to the Appendix, list other relevant books, videos, courses, mailing lists, associations, suppliers, etc. Now your book becomes a valuable reference.

Other ways to lengthen the book-while making it more valuable and more interesting-is to add quotations, stories and illustrations to the pages and/or summaries at the end of each chapter. Be sure to lay out the pages with plenty of white space.

"I hope you got as much out of reading my book as I got spending the money you paid for it." -Anonymous

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Your top 2 goals in Public Relations are to make friends and to make the job of the media easier. When you master the art of these, your stories will occur naturally.

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