Audiobook News: 'Tis the Season For Listening

Top 10 Reasons Why Audiobooks Are The Gift This Season + Audiobook Rights Conference Announcement
Top 10 Reasons Audiobooks Make Great Gifts

10. The winter months will be cold. An audiobook, a walkman, and earphones are a great way to keep your ears warm.

9. Doesn't your father have enough ties?

8. Because you can listen to an audiobook over and over again, it really is a gift that keeps on giving.

7. Audiobook downloads make a unique gift for the technophile in your family.

6. Fortunately, the "ears not included" warning on the side of the package of an audiobook doesn't pose a problem for you.

5. 100% of people polled say they would rather receive an audiobook than a fruitcake.

4. You drew your boss in the office gift pool. Don't sweat it, -- there's an audiobook out there that has his name on it.

3. Uncle Leo has you cornered in a conversation about earthworm mating habits, just turn up the volume of the recorded production of "A Christmas Carol" that's playing in the background.

2. It's 11:50p.m. on December 24th and your stuck for a gift until you remember that audiobooks can be purchased on-line and delivered overnight.

And the number one reason to purchase an audiobook this season:

1. Name one other gift that can be used EVERYWHERE you a plane, train, car, subway, at the gym, around the house, on a walk, or waiting in line.

A few holiday-oriented suggestions:

Title: Holiday in Death
Authors: J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts)
Narrator: Susan Ericksen
Publisher: Nova Audio Books
Format: Cassette (abr)
Price: $24.95
ISBN: 1-58788-439-9

Title: Home for the Holidays
Authors: Johanna Lindsey
Narrator: Laural Merlington
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Format: Cassette/CD (unabr)
Price: $23.95 / $27.95
ISBN: 1-58788-114-4 / 1-58788-116-0

Title: A Christmas Carol
Author: Charles Dickens
Narrator: Miriam Margolyes
Publisher: The Audio Partners
Format: Cassette (unabr)
Price: $17.95
ISBN: 1-57270-115-3

Title: The Snow Queen
Author: Adrian Mitchell, book and lyrics
Narrator: Full cast, introduction by Jonathan Pryce
Publisher: NYS Theatre Institute - Family Classic Audio Books
Format: CD (unabr)
Price: $16.95
ISBN: 1-892613-02-6

The APA is a not-for-profit trade organization consisting of over 200 member companies including publishers, resellers, distributors, and suppliers along with other industries related to the production, promotion, and sale of audiobooks. The mandate of the APA is to deal with the concerns of the industry; assure the ongoing production of high quality products; to initiate research and the distribution of relevant data; and to nurture solid relationships among the consumers, the reseller, and the industry itself.

* * * * *

Announcing: AudioBook Rights Conference - February 6th, 2002

Many independent publishers are interested in selling their audio rights but don't have the staff or knowledge to do it. The Audio Publishers Association is making it easy for sub-rights sellers and for publishers to connect.

When: Wednesday, February 6th, 2002
Where: New York City
Time: 8 AM to 5 PM
Who is coming: Limited to 35 publishers and 35 companies selling audiobook rights
How Much: Between $150 and $450.00. See Registration for Sellers form for Details at
How To: Fill out and fax back or send in the Registration for Sellers form
Food and Lodging: Meals provided by the conference. Housing available. See hotel registration form.

Register Early! Only 35 Spots Available!

If you have any questions, please email Beth Baxter at or call (847)562-9516.

More next page... Tired of wasting money and time trying to contact an audiobook acquisitions editor, sending manuscript after manuscript, making hundreds of phone calls, but rarely reaching the right person?

The Audio Publishers Association has the solution. On Wednesday, February 6th, the APA will hold its first annual AudioBooks Rights Conference in New York City, a one-day event designed to bring audio rights sellers and publishers together for comprehensive face-to-face meetings.

Audio rights sellers (agents, subsidiary rights personnel, entertainment lawyers) will have the opportunity to present their properties to audiobook publishers eager to acquire new titles. Similarly, audiobook publishers will have the chance to develop new relationships with rights holders and be exposed to a wide variety of potential products.

"As AudioBook Publishers, we have many different parts to our job," says Beth Baxter of the APA. "We must purchase audiobook rights, do a script, produce the audio, package the audio and sell it to the buyers. Within a large publishing house, there are various people to handle these different jobs, but within small to medium size companies, one person may handle several different jobs, and it's difficult to do them all thoroughly and do them well." "With these conferences, we do the legwork for the publisher. We bring together the elements needed to accomplish a large task in an affordable and timely manner. For the AudioBook Rights Conference, we polled the publishers and developed a list of the 60 strongest rights sellers, who were then invited to spend the day with us in NYC. Each publisher can expect to have appointments with about 25 rights sellers.....that's something that would take numerous phone calls, lots of industry knowledge and three to five days of tough and expensive traveling. We put it all into one long day." "For the AudioBook Job Market, we spent months trying to reach the top audiobook readers in the country, pre-qualified them all and selected the top readers to meet us for a day in NYC. As publishers, we will spend the day listening to them read and then meeting them one on one. This day comes the day after the Rights Conference. Back to back conferences to increase the efficiency. Both of these conferences are free to publishers. Buyers are free, sellers pay."

To maximize the effectiveness of the conference, the APA has limited the number of participants to 35 publishers and 35 sellers. Sixty invitations were mailed to a pre-selected groups of agents, audio rights personnel and entertainment lawyers.

The first 35 companies to sign up and pay will be accepted. The APA urges you to register early, since the 35 spots are expected to fill quickly. Similarly, the 35 publisher spots will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis with preference to current APA members.

This event will take place the day before the AudioBook Job Market, held at the same location in New York City. The APA has grouped the conferences together so that publishers traveling to New York can maximize their time.

The conference will conclude with a live auction of the top four or five available audio rights. When registered, rights holders will be sent information for submitting 2 or 3 titles for the auction. The AudioBook Rights Conference Committee will then review the submissions and select the four or five strongest titles to be auctioned. In advance of the auction, publishers will receive a description of the titles along with the floor dollar amount and important contractual restrictions (if any). Please keep in mind, however, that participation in the auction is not mandatory. The auction should be lively, entertaining, press-worthy and a fun way to end the conference.

Rooms will be available at the hotel in New York at an APA group rate. Registration and hotel forms are on the APA website at

If you would like to attend this year's conference, please fax or mail the registration for sellers form located on the APA website. After receiving your registration fee, we will send information about the live auction. In addition, immediately prior to the conference, you will receive publisher names, addresses and information about their buying needs.

Again, if you have any questions, please email Beth Baxter at or call (847)562-9516.