Literary and Arts Journal Launches Debut Issue

CROWD publishes work that touches on the urban experience
CROWD, a journal that bridges the disciplines of writing and visual art, releases its debut issue this month. Founding editors Aimee Kelley and Lily Saint, along with an advisory board that boasts such members as Dorothy Allison, Aimee Bender, D.A. Powell, Martha Rhodes and David Trinidad, started the journal to promote greater awareness and inspire more dialogue between artists working in different media. "We are part of a community that includes all kinds of creative work," says Saint, "yet we end up closed off from it. It is vital that there be a venue that celebrates connections between the arts."

This journal also aims to examine the influence of urban environments on the creative process. "CROWD publishes work that touches on the urban experience," Kelley says. "We're interested in how living in a city shapes what we create." To that end, each issue will feature an essay that explores the relationship between artist and metropolis; the first of these, written by architect Jason Danziger, discusses personal monuments in Berlin.

Both established writers and visual artists, and those just beginning to publish, share the pages of CROWD. Included in the first issue is short fiction by Shelley Jackson, recently named one of the Village Voice Literary Supplement's "Writers On the Verge," and Best New American Voices winner Timothy Westmoreland. Poems by Denise Duhamel, Henry Israeli and Timothy Liu appear along with work by younger writers such as Debbie Benson, Kathleen Ossip and Michael Costello. CROWD also features previously unpublished work by the late poet/artist Joe Brainard; paintings by Jane Hammond based on poems by John Ashbery; and pieces by Richard Prince that combine text, collage, and painting. Photographers Andy Ryan and Krista Parravanni, and painter Harrison Haynes are just a few of the up-and-coming artists also featured in the issue.

CROWD is an 8"x9" perfect-bound journal with full color art and photography, distributed by Ingram Periodicals (Emily Hughes, (800) 627-6247 ext.33501) and Berhard DeBoer (Faye Kosmedis, (973) 667-9300). Published bi-annually by Aimee Kelley and Lily Saint, the debut issue, Fall/Winter 2001, launches November 12th. For more information or a subscription, please write to: CROWD 119 N. 11th St. #1A, Brooklyn, NY 11211.