Intellectual Property Forum Gets Global Attention Amid Spate of Dot-com Failures allows trade of ideas, inventions, copyrighted works, and other intellectual property
At a time when the downturn has many Internet players collapsing -- an online trading forum developed by Minnesota-based Global Commerce & Communication (GCC), has attracted global attention. It has received top 10 ranking on all leading search engines and directories that reach more than 250 million Internet users around the world.

The cyber community called NewIdeaTrade.comprovides a forum for trading intellectual property, both industrial and copyrighted. The intellectual property transfer market is estimated to be worth over $100 billion.

"There is a black hole when it comes to the affordable exchange of intellectual property among small businesses, research institutions, independent inventors, and the creative community. It is a vastly underserved market," says board member Neil Armand.

Independent innovators, authors, and artists often find it difficult to reach the global market because the traditional transfer of intellectual property is complicated, costly, fragmented, and can take up to two years. By providing a central registry for small businesses, individuals, research institutions, and investors to find each other, breaks down traditional geographic, industrial, and marketing barriers. Innovators are turning to because, it simplifies and speeds up the process, cutting the marketing or search time down to as little as a few days. has successfully used the tricky strategy of increasing revenues without increasing expenses. It has used multiple methods for generating revenue such as fee-based express listing service, banner ads, and sales referral fee generated through affiliation with hundreds of online companies. It also keeps its marketing costs down by using viral and affiliate marketing. posts industrial property including inventions, trademarks, and patents. Members may also post copyrighted works for sale or license including: literary, musical, artistic, photographic, audiovisual works, and software. In addition to acting as a conduit for sellers and buyers of intellectual property supports a professional directory and resource center for its members.