Authors & Publishers Join Together to Save Trees

Green Press Initiative encourages printing books on recycled paper
The Green Press Initiative is bringing authors together from different genres for one common cause: to help the book publishing sector potentially save millions of trees. The non-profit program is accomplishing this goal through the development of formal partnerships with authors and publishers who are committing to use recycled paper.

Authors including Paul Hawken, Dr. Andrew Weil, Julia Butterfly Hill, Fritjof Capra, Winona LaDuke, and David Suzuki are serving as Founding Authors and spokespeople for the Green Press Initiative. The group is working to engage authors around the country in contractually requiring that their publishers save trees through committing to print their future books on recycled paper.

In the year 2000, U.S. book publishers consumed approximately 1.93 million tons of paper. Based on extrapolations made by Conservatree, this required the consumption of over 40 million trees averaging 40 feet in height and 6-8 inches in diameter. The widespread use of recycled paper by book publishers is a direct solution to this problem and its net effectdeforestation. However, recycled paper only represents about 8% of the entire printing and writing paper market. These facts paint a clear picture as to why the goals of the Green Press Initiative are important!

Sponsors: The Green Press Initiative is a program of Solana Recyclers, a non-profit organization based in San Diego. The Initiative's sponsors include: The S. Mark Taper Foundation, The McCarthy Family Foundation, and Union Bank of California.

Benefits of Joining the Initiative

* You become part of a collaborative effort which is helping to convert an entire sector towards increased environmental responsibility
* Helping the book publishing sector to make this shift has the potential to save millions of trees and vast amounts of natural resources every year
* The Initiative offers free technical assistance to assist authors and publishers with the process of converting to recycled book papers.
* The Initiative can quantify the amount of trees and resources saved for each book printing and offer the use of its logo as a certification seal
* When noted in books, these resource saving figures will serve to increase public awareness and support
* Your participation will catalyze the continued production of publishing papers that are cost competitive and have significant environmental benefits
* Participation in the program is free of charge due to sponsorship from grant funders.