BEA Educational Programs Geared to Help Independent Publishers Sell More Books

Programs feature top industry practioners in a variety of fields.
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Selling Subsidiary Rights & Permissions
Wed, May 1st 1:00 PM - 5:30 PM - admission $99
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Success with subsidiary rights sales can significantly enhance a publisher's bottom line - and most often does. This program is designed to help you cut through the rights chaos and learn The Best Way to approach sub-rights sales categories and permissions from some of the industry's most influential and accomplished dealmakers.

Program Chair: Jim McHugh, CEO, Rights

1:00 PM
Profiting from Permissions

You'll gain a full understand of the ins and outs of Permission deals including:

a.. How Permissions differ from sub-rights deals
b.. The challenges, legal requirements and financial effects of permissions.
c.. Different approaches publishers have in reacting to permission requests and how this effects not only the nature of the permission deal and strategy but sometimes the organizational structure of a publishing house

Speaker: Bonnie Beacher, Director - Contracts, Copyright and Permissions, McGraw-Hill Companies

1:45 PM
Getting Your Books Acquired by Book Clubs

In light of Book Club consolidation there is still a wide variety of club offerings for reaching the reader. You'll discover what the various clubs are looking for, how to target your submissions and negotiate favorable terms.

Speaker: Nancy Whitin, VP - Specialty Clubs, BookSpan

2:30 PM
Selling Mass-market & Trade-paperback Rights

You'll learn how to position your books, what editors like to see in book submissions, how to approach negotiations, auctions and terms.

Speaker: Trish Todd, VP-Editorial Dir. Trade Paperbacks, Simon & Schuster

3:30 PM
Selling Film & TV Rights

You'll learn how to work with an agent, differences between both film and TV rights, about options and the complexities within the negotiations.

Speaker: Bill Contardi, Bill Contardi Literary Agency

4:15 PM
Working With Agents, Co-Agents and Scouts to Grow International Rights Revenues

This session will detail the advantages of working with agents, co-agents and scouts to successfully reach other markets. You'll learn what a co-agent does for its clients and how this differs from the work that scouts do for their international clients. Additionally, this session will highlight how these key roles influence the success of a title starting with title promotion through to closing the deal and collecting advances and royalties.

Speakers: Ira Silverberg, literary agent, Donadio & Olson
Mary Anne Thompson, scout, Mary Anne Thompson Associates
William Hanna, Vice President, Acacia House Publishing Services


For Independent Publishers: The Best Way To...
Wed, May 1st 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM - admission $99

This program is for all Independent publishers and those charged with promotion, sales or marketing duties at Independent houses. Led by some of the most successful and effective practitioners in the independent publishing community, you'll learn to maximize your promotion, sales and marketing efforts to increase both exposure and title sales within existing marketing and sales channels.

Program Chair: Sheree Bykofsky, President, Sheree Bykofsky Associates

1:00 PM
...Work Your Distributor For Sales
Speakers: Jen Linck, NBN/Biblio
Simon Warwick-Smith, Warwick Associates

1:45 PM
...Attract Trade Media Attention
Speaker: Alex Moore, Foreword Magazine

2:30 PM
...Sell Through Non-Trade Channels
Speaker: Chris Navratil, Executive Director - Sales & Marketing, Chronicle Books

3:30 PM
...Leverage Sales Via Independent Booksellers
Speaker: George Gibson, President & Publisher, Walker & Co

4:15 PM
...Bring Authors to the Market
Speaker: Dominique Raccah, President & Publisher, Sourcebooks


Powerful Publicity for Books & Authors in Today's Volatile Media Marketplace
Thurs, May 2nd 9:00 AM - 4:30PM - admission $159

Each year media professionals are bombarded with thousands of new titles. The small percentage of books that grab the media's attention, end up on local, regional and national bestseller lists. This program is for publishers, publicists, authors, and professionals in media relations and communications who understand that publicity is the pivotal element in a successful publishing program. This program will help you learn how to make your authors and titles more attractive to the media. Plus, you'll gain valuable insider tips and techniques from some of the industry's most accomplished professionals.

Program Chair: Jodee Blanco, Blanco & Peace Enterprises

9:00 AM
The Swiftly Evolving Landscape of Author Promotions and Tours:
Vital Discussion about changes in the media's needs and what you need to know to collaborate effectively with editors, producers and reporters.
Speaker: Victoria Meyer, VP - Publicity, Simon & Schuster

9:45 AM
Effective Press Kits for Today's Media:
Crafting your message and materials to position your books as news.
Speaker: Joan Schulhafer, Dir of Publicity, Kensington Publishing

10:30 AM
Working Collaboratively with Authors, Agents, Editors and Sales Directors.
Speaker: Jeff Seroy, Director of Publicity, Farrar, Straus & Giroux

11:15 AM
Image Making: How To Effectively Communicate Your Message
Learn what to say and when and how to say it when you're promoting your book.
Speaker: Sandi Mendelson, President & COO, Hilsinger-Mendelson

1:30 PM
What Producers, Editors and Reporters Really Want from Publicist
Speakers: Jaclyn Levin, Dateline
Carol Story, The Early Show
Amy Salit, NPR's Fresh Air
Andrea Sachs, Publishing Reporter, Time Magazine
Yvette Vega, The Charlie Rose Show (invited)
Raymond Sokolov, Leisure & Arts Editor, The Wall Street Journal

3:00 PM
How to Get Media Coverage for Difficult to Publicize Books Featuring "Stump the Publicist."
Speaker: Jodee Blanco, Blanco & Peace Enterprises Ltd.