Frankfurt Book Fair 9 - 14 October 2002

Guest of Honour: Lithuania; Focal Theme is "Bridges for a World Divided"
Every year in October, the international publishing community comes together at the Frankfurt Book Fair. With its tradition - a history going back to the Middle Ages - and its innovative energy, it has become the most important market place of ideas worldwide. It is the interface and centre for the entire industry. 6,700 exhibitors from 105 countries contribute to the most important international get-together for the world of books and media. Two-thirds of exhibitors are international. Every year during the Book Fair, 260,000 people view over 400,000 books and electronic products occupying an area of 190,000 square metres.

During the Frankfurt Book Fair, international reporting is focused on the subject of books: more than 10,000 accredited journalists from 80 countries produce more than 2,500 articles, 800 television reports and about 900 radio broadcasts. This means that the Frankfurt Book Fair is not only the industry's most important market place, it also has a significant influence on the media presence of the book. Like no other event, the Frankfurt Book Fair draws attention to authors, publishers and new publications and in so doing, makes a substantial contribution to encouraging both children and adults to read more.

This is where it all comes together: existing contacts are cultivated, new ones are made. The Frankfurt Book Fair is the most important market place for international trade in rights. And not just during the Book Fair, but throughout the entire year: the "Frankfurt Rights Catalogue" is the largest international license market on the Internet, featuring more than 20,000 titles on offer from more than 50 countries and in as many languages. And all the important decision-makers can be found in the "Frankfurt Who's Who". At www.frankfurt-

From Nobel prize laureate to comic readers and audiobook fans: the Frankfurt Book Fair offers them all a distinctive international atmosphere. 800 presentations with writers, 2,600 events overall, numerous interesting forums such as the Comic Centre and the International Centre, exhibitions, concerts and films - all these set the multicultural scene for both personal contacts and business meetings.

Guest of Honor: Lithuania
A country on its way into the European Union: Lithuania is in the spotlight at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2002. The history of this country during the Soviet era when the publishing of books was also under very strict control is not its only intriguing aspect. A great many authors fled to the West from where it was possible to distribute literature written in exile. Today, Lithuanian literature is shaped by the regaining of independence and the abolition of political censorship - literature produced within the context of a free market economy.

Focal Theme: Bridges for a World Divided
Taking as its inspiration Abraham Lincoln's dictum that "A house divided against itself cannot stand", a debate is to be initiated and continued for several years. Alongside daily discussions in the Forum, the highlight in this first year will be the international symposium "Frankfurt Futura Mundi". This is an open forum taking as its central theme key aspects that affect the future of humankind:

1. Defining the Grid: Global Governance and Global Value Systems
2. Global Challenges of Cultural Identities
3. Securing Equality in the Age of Biotechnology
4. Literary Visions for a World Divided

Leading thinkers and figures from politics, business, science, the arts and religion will be discussing developments that are shaping our world: global markets, technologies, ideas, inventions and discoveries create a spiral of change that affects the way we live and work more swiftly and more dramatically than ever before.

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