BookScan, an Entertainment Marketing Information Services (EMIS) company, has announced an exclusive agreement with Barnes & Noble Inc. to provide publishers with point-of-sales information gathered from the entire retail chain and its on-line business.
Under the terms of the agreement, BookScan will launch a subscriber-based Web site that will offer publishers weekly updated point-of-sales (POS) data from the family of Barnes & Noble retail stores and The data, updated every Monday, will show all book sales and order information through the previous Saturday for Barnes & Noble stores nationwide. On-hand inventory information at the Barnes & Noble distribution center will also be available. It is the first service of its kind for the publishing industry.

Moreover, BookScan will draw upon the proven technology of its music-industry affiliate, SoundScan, to provide publishers with a detailed analysis of sales information on specific titles, broken out by geographic region, weekly and year-to-date market share of book publishers, analysis of book sales by genre, and other data configurations that can be customized for publishers' individual needs. This unprecedented access to POS data from one of the nation's largest booksellers can dramatically reduce book returns, alert publishers to emerging marketing opportunities, and even assist in long-range planning.

"We are excited to be working with Barnes & Noble to bring in-depth sales information to the publishing industry in a fast, accurate, and convenient fashion," said Mike Shalett, Chief Operating Officer of BookScan.

Barnes & Noble, Inc. operates 528 Barnes & Noble and 444 B. Dalton bookstores, and Babbage's Etc., one of the nation's largest operators of video game and entertainment software stores. Barnes & Noble stores stock an authoritative selection of book titles and provide access to more than one million titles. They offer books from more than 50,000 publisher imprints with an emphasis on small, independent publishers and university presses.

BookScan is the sole online information service for the publishing industry, tracking retail book sales via point-of-sale data. In addition to BookScan, the Entertainment Marketing Information Services Group, a subsidiary of the leading Dutch media conglomerate VNU, is home to SoundScan and VideoScan which have transformed the music and home video industries respectively by proving them with relevant and actionable point-of-sale information.