AudioFile Remains THE Only Magazine Devoted to Audiobooks
What started in 1992 as small side project of Robin Whitten, the founder and editor AudioFile(r) magazine, has evolved into a glossy, comprehensive, consumer magazine that serves 22,000 hungry audiobook aficionados. Whitten's first AudioFile(r) edition, a black and white newsletter, broke ground as the first publication devoted entirely to the audiobook industry, and is still the only one of its kind.

Whitten's first audiobook experience was listening to Frank Muller's narration of Call for the Dead by John Le Carre during a 3 1/2 hour-long car trip. Completely intrigued, she immediately realized that she wanted to learn more about this relatively new form of books. As Whitten delved deeper into the world of audiobooks, she realized that no one was covering, writing, reviewing, or even talking about audiobooks, despite their growing popularity. Identifying a niche market without its own magazine, Whitten decided to create one, and 10 years later, in 2002, her magazine is revered as THE source on audiobook news. Whitten says, " Starting AudioFile(r) was like catching a tiger by the tail, but I've held on."

AudioFile(r) now has thousands of readers who enjoy access to reviews of the hottest audiobook titles, behind-the-scenes stories of their favorite narrators, and updates on the latest trends in the industry. In addition:

* AudioFile(r) is the only periodical devoted exclusively to the coverage of the audiobook industry and reviews of the performance quality of audiobooks. Its readers represent three distinct markets: audiobook consumers, librarians and the audiobook trade. The magazine is considered the independent voice of audiobooks.

* AudioFile's(r) first issue was published in June 1992 with a circulation of less than 2,000. 10 years later, AudioFile(r) reaches over 22,000 readers.

* 96% of AudioFile(r) readers say that AudioFile's(r) reviews help them decide which audiobooks to buy, rent, or borrow.

* AudioFile(r) has published over 10,000 audiobook reviews in the past ten years that have been written by Whitten and her stable of 60 reviewers.

* AudioFile(r) just launched a new service on their website, called AudiobookFind, that helps readers go from an AudioFile(r) review directly to a source for audiobook purchase or rental.

* Whitten inaugurated two audiobook award programs: the Golden Voices and the Earphone Awards.

* Whitten received the Audio Publishers Association Special Achievement Award in May 2000 and the Extraordinary Service Award in 2001 for her visionary magazine and contribution to the industry.

* The consecutive issues that have been published since 1992 chronicle the audiobook industry and all the changes that have taken place in the last ten years.

Like its tag line states, AudioFile(r) is The Magazine For People Who Love Audiobooks. AudioFile(r) is distributed to bookstores through Howard White Associates and is available by subscription, 800.506.1212 or