34,000 Hours of Audio Can Be Played By Mac Users
Audible, Inc. has announced that their industry-leading spoken audio service,, is available on Apple's iTunes digital music software and iPod portable digital audio player. is the leading provider of downloadable spoken audio that informs and entertains anywhere and at anytime with audio editions of books, newspapers, magazines, radio programs and original shows. Audible's audio uses VoiceAge Corporation's voice compression technology to deliver high quality spoken word content to iTunes and iPod.

"We have known since the launch of the audio service that the cultural interests of Mac users created significant demand for Mac-compatible desktop players and portable devices," said Donald Katz, chairman and CEO of Audible, Inc. "We are thrilled to finally introduce iPod and iTunes users to the compelling experience of Audible's content and services."

"Apple's iTunes and iPod are the world's best jukebox software and MP3 player, and together they have changed the way people listen to music," said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. "Now with Audible support built into iTunes 3 and the new iPod everyone can use Apple's breakthrough products to listen to their favorite books, news, and speeches wherever they go."

iTunes users can now download their audio programs at for desktop playback, CD burning, or seamless transfer to the iPod portable digital audio player. iPods with a 20 GB hard drive can play between 1,300 and 5,000 hours of Audible audio, depending on the user's choice of various audio formats that balance file size and audio quality.